The Original "Bat Pic of the Week" Archive

Back in 2004, shortly after I started collecting Bat-photos for my website, I started sharing some of my growing collection on the 1966 Batman Message Board.

This was a way of introducing a sharing type of culture to a place that originally was much more possessive of one's Bat-treasure. The criteria for choosing the Bat Pic of the Week, or BPTOW as I started to refer to them, was fairly simple. Try to feature unique pictures that were fairly uncommon while trying to avoid using just alternate poses or angles from the same session for later entries. The pictures needed to be scanned from my own collection or a donation from a charitable board member from their personal scanned collection and not something that was lifted elsewhere on the web from another website.

I continued to do this steadily for the next two years stopping at 107 posts (109 pictures since there was two posts that featured two pictures as part of it). The criteria made it tougher and more costly to seek out unique pictures so I eventually called it a day. Some of the original posts are still on the 1966 Batman Message Board but the original 51 posts have been long gone since the original website crashed back in late 2005.

So here I share with everyone those original 109 posted BPTOW's in their original order. Enjoy them again or for the first time.

- Scott Sebring, 2008

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