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False Face mask comparison (Read 434 times)
Wally Wingert
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False Face mask comparison
09/12/06 at 12:45am
OK folks, I just got that vintage 60's "False Face" mask in the mail today from my ebay purchse. I compared it to the "smiling" False Face mask that's being sold today.  You won't believe your eyes.

The quality of the 60's mask is far superior to the new one (no surprise!)  The paint job is more detailed, and the color of the translucent plastic is more flesh colored than the new one.

But notice the amazing similarities.  Before, I thought that the new mask was a different one than the old, but the smile is exactly the same. However, the flesh "lipstick" applied to the new mask makes it APPEAR that it's smiling more.  If the lipstick was removed it would be the same smile.

Note the similarity in the brow wrinkles, crow's feet and the chin cleft. However, the new mask is much wider at the top than the old.  Something happened. I'm guessing that the new mask was sculpted based on this older one, but in the meantime a few changes were made.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments about this comparison.

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Re: False Face mask comparison
Reply #1 - 09/12/06 at 1:06am
The wrinkles in the forehead really look dead on. 

I've been looking around the city for a mask like that one myself.

Great score Wally.  Looks like a match to me Wink

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Re: False Face mask comparison
Reply #2 - 09/12/06 at 9:23am
Yeah, the wrinkles on the forehead clinch it, they're exactly the same. If you look closely at both masks you'll see that details on the new mask are just a little "faded", making me believe that the new mask is indeed a recast of the old one. In the progress of copying it some of the details faded away.
Also, the top of the new mask is more square where as the old mask is more rounded off at the top... probably another consequence of the recast. The new mask is indeed a little wider, look at how much clear plastic there is next to the left eyebrow compared to the old mask. I think this also happened during the copying. The flesh colored plastic probably got pushed down a little because of the weight of the product they used to make a mold of the old mask. That and the squared off top do indeed make the new mask a little wider.
A pretty good copy of the old mask, but they kinda screwed up with the lipstick. They painted too far into the corners of the mouth and too low on the lower lip... A little less of each and there wouldn't be such a big smile

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