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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on The 1966 Batman Message Board. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Board Rules

    1. Board Rules & General Policies
      We reserve the right to refuse and / or revoke anyone's membership at our discretion.

      The site is owned and operated by, and has no affiliations with DC, Fox, Warner Brothers or any of their subsidiaries. It is NOT a public forum. It is a privately owned forum where our policies and rules may be otherwise unique and may be more restrictive than some other forums. If you come into our house you need to play by our rules. By joining this forum you agree to such. If it is not to your liking, you can go elsewhere. If your own conduct is not to our liking, your membership may be terminated and a possible ban may come into place. We just wanted to be up front here.

      The 1966 Batman Message Board , also known as the 66 Bat Board (66BB for short) is designed is to give fans of the classic 60's Batman TV show a place to share their experiences with each other, and to assist each other in their fan interests, crafts and adventures. We welcome visitors of all ages and it is our number one goal to keep the 66BB friendly, fun and informative. With this in mind, we have created guidelines that will keep the 66BB a site that anyone can enjoy whether they're a child or "child at heart."

      The following guidelines/rules are in effect for our message board (and may change at any time without notice so check them out periodically):


      That's right, this board is rated "G" for General Audiences. That means that if it couldn't be shown on the show in the 60's then we won't have it displayed or discussed here. Think early Saturday morning kid programming. We know it can seem very restrictive in this day age but we believe people can still have good clean family fun while being kid friendly. So there are no discussions or links of any adult oriented material or topics that includes but not restricted to: adult situations, sex, nudity, pornography, bondage, fetish, drug use or extreme violence. There are plenty of other places on the web for such things but this forum will not be one of them. Remember, "PG" friendly is not "G" friendly.


      This is a "No Flame" and "No Hassle" zone. Not only are we to be completely respectful to members but we are to extend that policy to non members, tv cast and anybody else alive or dead. Even if it's about a convicted killer, we will not condemn or bash anybody. This doesn't mean that we condone murders and other evil doers but that these type of posts do not belong on the 66BB. If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all is a golden rule on this board. Customer service complaints have no place on our board as well. Nobody gets accused of ripping anybody off for example but most of this is covered under our Merchandise Rules. Since this is a community that emphasizes a positive and friendly environment, members who constantly complain, heavily criticize in a rude manner and have an ongoing need to state "hate this" and "hate that" posts will get booted out if they continue with that attitude. As this is a fan site filled with various degrees and flavors of this fandom, one must be respectful to the varied takes of what that fandom may mean to the individuals or groups in this community. Having said that, proclamations such as "only a true fan" is separatist, elitist and is commonly used divisively to shame other members who do not share the same point of view or possible intensity of said fandom. If you like something a certain way or have your personal standards of how to see something, remember that is still a personal take and conviction so do not get militant about it or push it upon others. Nobody's form of fandom is better than somebody else's. If somebody's version of it doesn't line up with yours just keep it to yourself. Be a member and not a divider. Most of all, don't be a fan snob.


      While we'd like to think that a 66 Batman fan site is always lighthearted, there are times when there are disagreements. Let's face it, there are certain topics that can infuriate any of us. When you sense this is happening, we ask that you step away from the discussion before it escalates into a fight. Just like Mom always said about fighting, we don't care who started the argument and we don't want it on the 66BB . (Okay, she didn't say the part about the 66BB , but you know what we mean.) No attacking others and no sarcasm please. Either will result in an infraction. And don't bring any outside grudges to this board in the form of any thinly veiled post. The moderators will delete what they deem as such even if you think you weren't too specific.


      Because of the large number of complaints of personal attacks related to these subjects and inability for many people to keep a civilized conversation when discussing these hot-button topics, politics, religion and sexism will no longer be appropriate topics on our forums. Political or religion based posts or threads will be removed, and repeated violations of this rule can result in an infraction. This extends to any other topics that may divide and alienate a group within a community. The Politics, Religion and Hot Topics policy is covered to a greater extent here. Battle of the Sexes is covered in greater detail here.


      Simply put, don't use swear words and don't post or link to suggestive or inappropriate photos. The boards are equipped with censoring software. If you try to use a profanity, it will be filtered and appear as all asterisks. Please don't get creative in an attempt to bypass the filters. This is considered the same as using the word itself and will result in an infraction. Likewise, using common abbreviations that imply or incorporate the phrase in their translation will not be allowed as well. Blocking out individual letters to avoid the filter but still convey the idea of the word is not allowed. If you post or link to pornography, you'll be banned from our site.


      From time to time our members ask to post information about a fund raiser or other support event for charity. If you are participating in or wish to promote a charitable event, please email the admin at for permission first. We only allow posts that are in support of registered non-profit organizations and donations must be made directly to the organization in question via the internet. No requests for cash, money orders, checks or items to an individual, or personal address will be permitted. All such requests must be approved by the webmaster PRIOR to being posted. We're sorry, but requests for school/sports fund raisers are not permitted. Money raffles for giveaway contests are also prohibited. If your're giving something away on the board, get it approved by the admin first.


      The types of posts that we like to see on the 66BB are those that everyone can participate in and benefit from. When a post is intended for an individual, it creates a problem and can be very awkward for both the person you're publicly contacting as well as others. Did you know that you can easily get in touch with almost anyone via the 66BB Private Message system? Simply click on the name of the person and you should see a link for sending them a private message and/or email. If you come across a situation where the person has blocked these options, we're sorry, but you still can't use the boards to get in touch.


      Each of the 66BB boards focuses on a specific topic. Please look the choices over before posting on the wrong board. For instance, you don't want to ask about buying collectibles on the Bat Events Board or tell everyone about your fun time at Batfest 2006 on the Craft Section Board. It makes it easier for everyone to find what they're looking for when the boards stay on topic.


      The 66BB has some wonderful Moderators who have volunteered to assist our members and monitor the boards. They are considered "The Law of the Land." Part of their responsibilities are ensuring that our guidelines are followed which may require that a thread is edited, deleted, closed or moved. If these decisions impact you, we ask that you respect them. Should you have any questions, please direct them to Any discussion about a Moderating decision that takes place on the boards could result in an infraction. Feel free to alert them about questionable or objectionable posts but let the mods to the moderating. Do not dictate to them what their job or duties are suppose to be and do not treat them as customer service flunkies.

      10. SIGNATURES

      Your signature will be limited in length. Our forum software will do this automatically and anything over the allowed length will be cut off.
      All content and links must meet 66BB board posting guidelines. Signatures have the same content rules as any post on the boards.
      We reserve the right to remove or modify signatures that cause issues with the boards or slow page loading. Please make sure any images in your signature are hosted on a reliable site. Any signature that contains malicious or harmful code will be removed immediately and the poster sanctioned. And don't link or embed videos to your signature.


      Batman was a ficitional character and is the only one allowed on this board with a dual identity. Anybody discovered to have two identities on this board will be banned. Anybody representing themselves with a false pretense by pretending to be somebody else or at the very least denying who they truly are when it's pointed out will be banned. Any multiple memberships with identical IP's are assumed to be dual identities and will be banned as well. Trying to rejoin the board after some drama yet not banned but trying to represent one's self as not the original person will be considered a violation of the dual identity rule and therefore banned. Are you getting the picture? Misrepresent yourself or try to multiply yourself and you're gone. Once a member is banned, their IP address(es) will be banned as well. Anybody trying to join with a banned IP address is assumed to be the banned member and cannot join. The use of any software that attempts to hide your IP or gives out a false IP reading will fall into this category and will result in an immediate ban.


      Ah, good question there. We really do try to have an open forum here within our "G" rating, however, there are limits. Profanity, abuse of the board or its members, filthy language, degrading or disrespectful comments about the stars from the show, things you wouldn't want your mother to read, you get the idea, are among the things we do not allow. This site and message board receives a wide variety of ages in its membership. The language used on it needs to reflect a respect for all age groups. The basic rule of thumb is to be respectful towards anybody and everybody whether they are a member, a star from the show or not. As covered above, "flaming" will not be tolerated and the forum is not a place for personal disputes. Debating a topic is permitted as long as it is done respectfully and does not become personal or a name calling match. The main reason we host our own board on our own server is we have control over the content. All moderators are the law as far as the board is concerned. We want everyone to enjoy their stay and have a great experience here so somebody has to watch over the board. Many of these things are addressed in these rules as well as the Registration Agreement that you confirmed to comply with when you joined


      Currently there are no licensed or authorized resources for broadcasting or digital downloading of episodes to the series on the web such as Hulu or any other licensed services. Any episodes currently shown on YouTube are not licensed although this could be subject to change if any of the authorized parties decide to do so. On the other hand, shows like Star Trek -The Original Series or the Twilight Zone are shown on CBS website and links to a resource like that is perfectly fine (in the Off Topic Section of course.) But at the moment, Batman is not one of them.

      Okay, this may get into a little bit of copyright and redistribution jargon versus typical internet practices by many sites and blogs. But to put as simple a possible, we cannot display or link to unlicensed resources of actual episodes to the TV show or movie. This includes but not exclusive to YouTube. Just because somebody posted it on YouTube does not make it okay to show on this board. The powers that be are much happier with us when we comply. Excerpt footage that is used in a commentary or journalistic fashion can be linked or shown but not an actual episode or link that is the equivalent of broadcast in length and order of chapters. Even if the episode is broken into parts on said internet resource, it would be deemed as a complete episode. Public domain and promotional footage is perfectly fine to link or embed.

      The blatant advertising of pirated copies of the Batman television series is forbidden whether or not they are for sale, trade, barter or download. Furthermore, information related to gaining access to said unlicensed and pirated material is forbidden on the board. Referencing specific bootleg vendors, websites dealing in bootlegs and torrent sites will be deleted.

      If you are not sure, ask the moderators BEFORE posting such links or references to such links. Don't post then wait and see if it gets deleted.

      Likewise, we cannot be a resource or link to resources that can be used to create bootlegged packages. This includes but is not exclusive to menus, cover art or labels. Even if you plan to use such material for your personal use, we cannot have any of it displayed or linked here. We cannot link or refer to other sites that are a resource for such materials. What you do privately is up to you but we cannot have any of this posted anywhere on this forum.


      The 66BB guidelines are an important part in keeping the site family friendly. While the majority of our visitors abide by our rules, there are times when problems develop. If a post or behavior is determined to violate any of the above rules or policies, it may be deleted or edited with possibly a warning sent or posted. Hopefully, that will be the end of our involvement but should it continue, you may find your account suspended or yourself banned. If the post is considered to be in a complete and blatant disregard for proper conduct in keeping with the board rules, you may find yourself banned without any prior warning.

      Another good way to find yourself dismissed from the board is to become a pain for the moderators by either being argumentative, an ongoing offender of "little stuff" or constantly telling them how to do their job. This may seem extreme to some, but the mods do not get paid for their ongoing time and effort to keep this site running and attempting to keep the peace. Long and short, give them a break and try to stay on their good side and you'll be golden. If you wish to question or appeal a decision, please keep in mind that your correspondence is subject to the same regulations. At any time you may contact the board administration at

      There may be times where a situation develops where we reserve the right to take whatever action is needed in order to ensure that our guidelines are followed. This may include being banned from the board with no prior offenses. This may include being banned with no notice given. Each situation is unique.


      The 66BB is a privately owned web site and we reserve the right to restrict any outside commercial ventures at our discretion. We will not discuss the reasons behind why specific websites are filtered and any discussion regarding the word filter may be deleted. If you have questions or comments about this or any other 66BB policy, you can address with the webmasters at

      As a general rule, we do not believe in censorship, and open discussions about various issues are encouraged. But we will exercise censorship or deletion of a post or part of a post if the moderators find the item or passage objectionable or simply prone to cause undue hassle for the moderators involved in the end. When participating in a thread, we ask that everyone be treated with respect and that our guidelines be followed. If we find that an individual is disruptive and is unable to follow our rules, he/she will be barred from participating on our site.

      If you have questions or issues regarding our policies, please feel free to direct them to #
  2. Merchandise Section
    Policies, Rules and General Guidelines

    By entering and participating you are agreeing to comply with the following:
    • Unless you are licensed vendor of DC, Fox, or Warner Brothers products, you cannot list any pricing or ordering information in a public post on the board. If you ARE a licensed vendor of one or more of these entities, you must first contact the administrators before making such posts. If the item is licensed and readily available in stores (like a HotWheels Batmobile at TRU), then general pricing info is okay (Target has this on sale for ...) If you're not sure, then ask a mod first.
    • All links to Batman related eBay listings are fine to share on the board (but not pricing) as long as they are in keeping with our family friendly guidelines (i.e.: no adult film.)
    • The 1966 Batman Batfan Message Board and its moderators take no responsibility for any private transactions that happen between members. This includes, but is not limited to warranties, turn-around times, money matters, quality or any other customer service matters. If you decide to do business with any member or non member, you do so privately and at your own risk. Just like a newspaper places a classifieds section, they do not get involved in any of the business transactions as the result of those ads. If you have a problem with a vendor, the moderators are not here to intervene as a go between or disciplinarian in regards to your business transaction.
    • No business transactions are to be posted on the board. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Placing an order in the form of a post: “Hey BattyBatOhio, I’ll take two”
      • Setting up a business arrangement in the form of a post: “I can get your cowl out to you in three weeks, Robinoto.” “Fan-kid, send it to me via Paypal.”
      • Inquiring about the progress of any transactions, “Yo Pengybreath, how far along are you with my Atomic Pile Reactor?”
      • Even basic posts about your order that include: "I sent you a PM", "I ordered, mine!", "I just got my shipping confirmation. Thanks!"
      All of these types of communications can be handled via private messaging (PM) or e-mail. Unsolicited blanket PM's for the use of advertising or propaganda to multiple people will be considered spamming and will be in violation of the board’s anti-spamming policy.
    • The Merchandise section or any other section of the board is not a place for Customer Complaints or Negative Feedback of any sort. There are two sides to every story but this board will not be the stage or court for any of these types of discussions and debates. These often lead to heated arguments, "flaming", bashing, lynching and even false testimonies. Past history in this area has proven this to be too volatile to permit at all. If you feel it is your civic duty to warn somebody about a vendor that you had a bad experience with and you sense that a member is about to make a grave mistake in doing business with that vendor, send them a private message (PM) or e-mail. As stated before, unsolicited blanket PM's for the use of advertising or propaganda to multiple people will be considered spamming and will be in violation of the board’s anti-spamming policy.
    • It is okay to make observations and critiques about crafted items, merchandise, costumes and other Bat-related items as long as it is done respectfully and not in violation of our “no customer complaints” policy. In other words, it is okay to point out the details or possible flaws of an item but not okay to talk about the business practices, turn around times or state things like, “This thing was a complete rip off”, "These people are taking forever" or "Do not buy from this vendor." It is okay to praise in public but better suited to punish in private. So if you just got a working Bat-tracking device from JokingAl and you would love to share your enthusiasm, go for it. If you think the Bat-tracking device should have had a fifty mile range rather than a five foot range, go ahead and say so in a respectful way. If you think JokingAl is a crook for selling such a short range tracking device, don't make it public. If there is anything negative said at all, always keep the comments about the item/product and never about the vendor/ person. We don't want to want it to seem or become personal.
    • As with any other section of the board - No flaming allowed.
    • The blatant advertising of pirated copies of the Batman television series is forbidden whether or not they are for sale, trade, barter or download. Furthermore, information related to gaining access to said unlicensed and pirated material is forbidden on the board. Referencing specific bootleg vendors, websites dealing in bootlegs and torrent sites will be deleted.

      It is the Administration’s intention and responsibility to maintain a positive environment and keep the peace on the board. This may be at the expense of what some may consider “free speech”, “the real world” or “a public forum” but this the only way we will be able to continue to have a Merchandise resource on this board. This is not up for a vote or debate. This site and board is privately owned and it's practices and policies are at the sole discretion of the Administration and its Moderators and are subject to change at any time. Refer back to the FAQ in regards to “Law of the Land.” Violators of these policies, rules and general guidelines will be dealt with by the moderators as they see necessary. Be respectful, positive, understanding, play nice and most of all keep it fun.