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General goings on in the 1966 Batman World

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Just saying Hi.

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Hope I'm not breaking protocol for making a seperate thread out of this (If so please accept my apologies!)
I just joined today (well i put in my request to join last night but the activation email arrived earleir today while i was at the amusement park (I was waiting on line for Batman the Ride when I received it!)

My name'is Mchael Kramer (Mike to my friends)
I've been a Bat-fan since 1976,'77 when I first started watching the 66 Batman every day after school (I had no idea at the time that the show was Ten years old!) and I watched the New Adventures of Batman and Robin every Saturday (the Fact that Adam West and Burt ward did the voice's for that series added to my illusion that the 60's series was in fact a new series not a perpetually re-run ten or so year old show)

As i grew up I became a serious fan of the Batman in all respects comics, movies, TV shows etc.
I absolutely loved the Keaton/Burton Batman movies (I was less thrilled with the Schumaker attempts.)
I never lost my respect or my sense of enjoyment for the 66 Batman the way many of my contemporaries had (I was never one who said "PUH-LEEEZE can we get away from that show?!?" everytime someone started going "nanananananana BAT MAAAAAAN!!!!") but i did develop an understanding at how Batman would work better as a creature of the night as opposed to a walking down broadway in bright daylight police deputy.

Still, I would always go Back to the Batcave when I could find the opportunity (Last year i just about wore out my internet watching old episodes on youtube while collecting Mattel's new line-up of figures.
I stumbled into this board by accident over the weekend and I'm glad to have found it I look forward to discussing all things Batman with my fellow "Citizens of Gotham"
"Someone might be able to substitute for Batman, for a very short time, but no one could ever replace him!"
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