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A Casual Fan

Post by gerryd54 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:47 am

I was wondering how many other folks that visit this site on a regular basis (approx. once a week)are what I would consider a casual fan? Not sure what the criteria would be but here are my qualifications; I've seen every episode more than once,I saw the movie when it originally came out, saw Adam and Burt in person when they showed up at the theater to promote the film, recently purchased the movie on blu-ray (beautiful) . I think one of the reasons I show up here so much is jealousy. I'm a Guy Williams/Zorro fan and I find that there is a real connection between the two shows and between Williams and West. The Zorro series was the Batman of the 1950's, or as I like to say Batman was the Zorro of the 1960's. I think the jealousy( actually it's more of an admiration) comes into play because you still get a chance to see your guy (Adam West) in person on the convention circuit. Guy Williams died in 1989 and really just missed out on that whole experience. I think given his Zorro and Lost in Space connections, he would've been very big. I am happy for you folks and I do hope you appreciate what you have. I think it's great.

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Re: A Casual Fan

Post by AndyFish » Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:58 pm

I think I'd rather hang with a casual fan than an obsessive one any-day

I love the show when it's good, and I'm a lifelong Batman fan but I pick and choose what I consider canon. I liked Burtons Batman but it doesn't hold up. I liked Nolans films but I didn't like Bale's take on Batman (mostly the voice and I'm sick of the rubber costumes).

The Batman show got me into the comics which lead to a lifelong career for me, so it'll always hold a special place for me. I also own one too many cowls and 66 Batmobiles to be considered a casual fan, but I don't obsessively watch every episode and don't care about silly things like 30 seconds of footage missing from a pretty weak episode or the lack of bumpers on the recent release.

I also love 60s TV in general, DRAGNET, GET SMART, DARK SHADOWS, THRILLER, LOST IN SPACE, STAR TREK etc even though I grew up in the 70s. Ditto The Three Stooges (but I won't watch the new movie or anything with Joe or Curly Joe in it), Universal Monsters, Movie Serials, Old Time Radio and yup Zorro.

To be honest, I have the Disney series on DVD and while I love Williams on Lost In Space I've yet to warm up to the series. My favorite Zorros are Clayton Moore, Reed Haley, Alain Delon and Tyrone Power.

I've worked for Adam West in the past, he's a great guy with a wicked sense of humor, and even did a fill in issue of his comic book, but my favorite live action Batman is Lewis Wilson.

So long reply to a short question; casual fans are certainly welcome here!

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Re: A Casual Fan

Post by WayneGrayson » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:51 pm

"I love Williams on Lost In Space..."

I once imagined (and photoshopped) television life if Adam West, Burt Ward, Guy Williams and Mark Goddard all mistakenly auditioned for the others' respective series. West and Williams looked normal swapping parts and Ward made a normal-looking "Don West" on Lost in Space, but Mark Goddard looked ridiculous as Robin.

Oh, well. I tried.

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Re: A Casual Fan

Post by Scott Sebring » Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:50 pm

I'm a HUGE Guy Williams as Zorro fan. In a casual way of course.

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Re: A Casual Fan

Post by Jaws63 » Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:15 am

It's so funny, I was watching some of the extra's on this new official release. When Burt mentions that this show was used by parents as a means of discipline, "You can't watch Batman until your homework is done"...I Immediately thought of myself. I was that kid. Now I too was first introduced to Batman via the series. I never cared for such things as "what were the former movies/shows these actors were in prior to Batman" or who were the creator/writers of some of the episodes of the series. In fact most of the Batman66 trivia I learned right here in this forum. I read some of the comic books(never got into collecting them), and I never really got into saving any Batman related Items. All this said I too could be classified as a casual fan.

Now as far as how often I lurk in the forum, I'll admit I'm probably here everyday at some point. All of us are at different points in our life with outside priorities, I'm no exception, Being the brother of a band member, I've inherited the roll of roady, supporting fan, and spiritual advisor. I volunteer my services doing drug tests for the federal government. I'm probably about 6 weeks from going back to my regular job, but I'm still in the recuperating stage from my surgeries so I have a little more time than most.

I belong to many different forums. One of the moderators of a different forum responded to one of my posts by asking me if I ever shut up. I told him, as my user name "Jaws" suggests... No.

As I've been mentioning, yes...I'm probably an encyclopedia of "useless information". I can remember my phone number from 30 years ago(why would I need to know this?), but yet if I'm at a party...god forbid should I remember the name of someone I met 5 minutes ago. Sometimes however "useless information" might be important. My grandmother passed in 2000 and her one request was to spread her ashes at her residence in Indianapolis, When my Mom, my brother and I were passing through after she passed, I was the only one who remembered address or street name....as Batman once mentioned, "Even the most minute detail should not be overlooked."

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Re: A Casual Fan

Post by Lennon » Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:06 pm

I think I definitely qualify as a casual fan.

As someone that was born nearly twenty years after the show first aired, Batmania had passed by the time I ever laid eyes on the Dynamic Duo. I have vague recollections of watching Batman when I was young, but I have the distinct feeling it wasn't the actual show but the movie since the memory of Batman running around with that bomb is one I've carried for years. I don't believe I ever saw a single episode back then (or if I did I've forgotten), but the film was enough to ignite a love for the '66 series that I hold to this day. Funny story, a friend and I were watching the film Neighbors and to show the generational gap between the main character and his frat boy neighbor, he asked, "Who's Batman for you?" The younger said Christian Bale, the elder said Michael Keaton as did my friend (even though she's a few years younger than I am), and I said Adam West. :lol: And even though I'm not much of a comic book person, the '66 series solidified Batman as one of my all-time favorite superheroes.

Despite being familiar with the channels available for such things, it never once occurred to me that I might be able to watch the series before the official release--we didn't get the channels it apparently played on or I never saw it airing on the ones we did get--so I've been watching the film all this time to get my Batman fix which is why the film holds such a special place in my heart. I did, however, get the complete set on DVD this past Christmas so I was finally able to watch the show for the first time and it's been a great joy. I stumbled upon this forum by accident shortly after, but I don't post much because I feel I have nothing really to contribute! Like Jaws63 mentioned, the passion and knowledge displayed on this forum is awe-inspiring (and a little intimidating, but not in a bad way) so I'm happy to lurk in the background and just read the posts of others, which I check for at least once a week.

I don't think I'll ever be more than a casual fan of Batman '66. It's not a reflection on the show or anything, it's just because I've reached that age where I don't get insane about things like I used to; even my obsession with the Beatles has mellowed a lot over the years, but that doesn't mean I love them any less. So, I'm okay with my level of fandom and I really appreciate that this forum exists so I don't feel quite so alone in my love for this show since most in my generation see the recent incarnations of the Caped Crusader as the be-all and end-all.

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