All you need is Bat-Love!

General goings on in the 1966 Batman World

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Mr Chronos
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All you need is Bat-Love!

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As my fellow brits once sang! Struck me yesterday that the show put love at the heart of itself. If either towards Batman and Robin e.g Catwoman, Marsha, Olga, Blaze, and various molls as well as the molls and villians. Who had the best chemistry of all on the show and how did they show it?? :D
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Re: All you need is Bat-Love!

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Catwoman briefly saw potential between Robin and Eenie, but reverted when she realized all boys his age are interested in is baseball.

All kidding aside, Lady Prudence actually did fancy Robin - outside of playing both sides against each other, she really felt attracted to him - and he to her. She was remorseful and he was heartbroken when she was led off to prison.

Dick/Robin was also smitten with Suzie (and I think she with him) and was crushed much harder than by any meteor or trash compactor when he realized she was also playing both sides with the Joker.

As he once said in his own defense "I'm not going to be young all my life". There are probably some more examples but I have to get going to work, which pays for the internet which enables my involvement in this message board. In addition to bat-love, a little cash here and there doesn't hurt either.

Farewell, farewell, I really must depart.
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