The Clock Queen

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Re: The Clock Queen

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Progress Pigment wrote:I can't imagine how it could work on the series unless she emerged from a 'Clock King' episode, much like Siren did in 'Ring Around the Riddler'. Possibly after 'The Clock King' gets locked up or goes off to Europe with 'The Sandman'. She could be a copycat like Batgirl, a Liberian-ish woman who wears coke bottle glasses and works in a clock store. If I was going broad, third season style, I'd use Nancy Kulp from the Beverly Hillbillies!

With Robert Culp? Vild!

Nancy Kulp would have been great as Clock Queen, or a female version of Bookworm.
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Re: The Clock Queen

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Thank you guys! Like these ideas. Here are mine:

1. Black/raven hair- brown eyes.
2. Mid 20s- almost 6 foot- curves/athletic.
3. Lurex silver and black catsuit with clock pattern and mask.
4. Clock themed car.
5. Would have various clock-themed gadgets.
6. New Second Hand Gang
Hideout: Time Square! Like the idea that she is a wealthy but bored socialite who steals just cos she can!
Big Job. To use the biggest clock in the city to trigger knockout gas at the gotham mint that she would rob.

Also think that in the future she could be related to Slezak! If Eileen couldn't do it I would have a German/Austrian girl. Senta Berger or Karin Dor?! Would be cool! :D
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Re: The Clock Queen

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I agree.
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Re: The Clock Queen

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If not Eileen Mc Neil,Senta Berger,or Karin Dor,how about Joan Collins as The Siren and The Clock Queen?After all,Anne Baxter played two Batman Villainesses.
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