Best Episode or Episodes

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Best Episode or Episodes

Post by AndyFish » Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:45 pm

Having watched all of the episodes again after returning from Japan I was surprised by some of the ones I'd not seen in a long time. I tend to watch the same episodes over and over again, mostly with villains I like.

But it occurred to me while watching them, which episode or episodes if they are a multi parter epitomize the show, which if you could only show one example to make your case would it be? I'd encourage you to watch the series again before you make your choice because I would have gone with the first Joker, Riddler or Penguin episodes. I'd still argue strongly for the first pair of Catwoman episodes but I'd like to make the case for the first appearances of Mister Freeze.

1. We have camp in this episode, like the Princess from Brooklyn and the TV Doctor trying to save Batman and Robin from their frozen fate. But there is almost no outright parody. Yes Batman gets mugged getting into Mr Freezes helicopter but it's not glaring silliness.

2. There is a lot of night to this episode, Batman works best at night.

3. George Sanders is a scary villain, he even kills the maitre de or manservant of the princess when he's knocked over and shattered into pieces after being frozen.

4. Bruce Wayne gets a prominent spot as the Princess' escort.

5 We get a glimpse into the half dozen cowls the show had on hand with the phones Batmen.

I'd say short of having a costumed villain this is a prime example of the series working, and the type of episode I would have based the Batman 66 comic book at rather than the downright comedy of something like Surfs Up in season three.

It's a great pair of episodes.

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Re: Best Episode or Episodes

Post by redbird » Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:43 pm

Gotta agree on Season 1 episode 5 and 6:" The Joker is Wild" and Batman is Riled". If I remember
correctly that story came directly from a Detectives Comic story with some slight changes. I remember the Joker's Utility Belt Cover very well. I think it is in my collection somewhere in a comic book storage box.

Number 2, would be Season 1 episode 7 and 8: "Instant Freeze" and "Rats like Cheese" The character being changed from Mr Zero from the comics to Mr. Freeze for the TV series was brilliant.

Number 3: The Pilot episode: "Hi Diddle Riddle" and "Smack in the Middle". the usage of gun play by the villains and the death of Molly...I thought really set the tone for the show...BUT it changed.

Very good topic...considering I just watched what I consider the worst episode of the entire run...mechanical mice, INDEED.

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Re: Best Episode or Episodes

Post by Mauled Vader » Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:02 pm

While my favorite villains are, in order, The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, and then Catwoman, none of the top 3 guys' episodes would be my pick!..."The Purr-fect Crime" and "Better Luck Next Time" stand out to me as THE definite episode of the series. It has just the right amount of adventure, camp, mystery, and cinematography to make it a standout episode! The lighting in Catwoman's maze is BRILLIANT! is her theme music!

It also has my favorite Bat-trap...the spiked walls! Even if it was only part of a Cat(woman)-and-(Flying?)Mouse game, it was exciting!

Adam and Burt are also right on the money with their acting! When Robin yells, "Catwoman?!...Catwoman???!!!..." into the pit, it's very emotional!

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Re: Best Episode or Episodes

Post by Bat-Tiger » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:41 pm

Mauled Vader wrote: Adam and Burt are also right on the money with their acting! When Robin yells, "Catwoman?!...Catwoman???!!!..." into the pit, it's very emotional!
For me that was one of, if not the most dramatic moments of the series. Robin sounded so heartbroken as he shouted helplessly into that pit.

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