Adam has died

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Re: Adam has died

Post by Monstar »

Terrible, terrible news.

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Re: Adam has died

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Re: Adam has died

Post by tenderheart bear »

Absolutely gutted.

The one and only Batman has gone to fight crime and villainy on the other side.

My condolences to the West family at this difficult time.

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Re: Adam has died

Post by Batman42 »

Adam west will always be batman to me
RIP caped crusader
Andrew UK

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Re: Adam has died

Post by 60s TV Fan »

Just found out the news about 10 minutes ago, and felt the need to come here.

With Mr. West's advancing years, this is one of those things that while we all knew would come someday, still comes as a shock and punch to the gut when it becomes reality.

I am very fortunate to have met Mr. West on one occasion, at a book signing for "Back To The Batcave." As so many others here have said, I, too, am glad that Mr. West was around long enough to enjoy and partake in some of the resurgence of popularity of the TV series and his portrayal of Batman. Like many of us here, to me, he will always be the one, true, Batman.

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Mr. West's family and close friends at the loss of this wonderful man. Just like when anybody close to us dies, some things can never now be "the same"... but one consolation is that Mr. West leaves behind a body of work that we and future generations can enjoy for many, many more years, and when we tune into that "same bat-channel" Mr. West will be forever young, healthy, and a shining Bright Knight for all of us to look up to.

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Re: Adam has died

Post by chetchumley »

Also heard the news via my radio d.j. while driving,,anytime they say,,we are sorry to announce,,?? u hold your breath,,,and then he mentioned ADAMS name,,,,my heart sank...i choked up,,,yes we all know its inevitable but hirts none the less,,i hold lost my childhood hero since 1966 being 4 yrs old..i remember vividly the 2nd season promo being aired constantly that summer,,then from 1968 on watching everyday after school...a great time to grow up...i was luckily able to finally meet him in 87. at the old STARLOG conventions,,.the begining of his long convention carear i met him a total 0f 6 times,,,one such time being at his book signing...:BACK TO THE BATCAVE" my thoughts & prayers go out to the WEST family,,,and also BURT WARD..ADAM was after all like a big brother to him,,and a mentor to ALL of us !

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Re: Adam has died

Post by seanrt »

I too was not quite prepared for this loss. I'm so thankful for Mr. West's Batman and impact on my life. RIP good sir.

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Re: Adam has died

Post by BatmanFan102 »

I just learned the news from my Mrs. about 10 minutes ago, and came here immediately. Only yesterday I was listening to Irving's Zoo as he discussed the episode with Catwoman and the Stradivarius violins, the disguises both she and Robin wore, and the getaway rocket that didn't work. Seems only fitting somehow the last time I listened to this was yesterday, the day of his passing.

I am unable to cry. For one, yesterday was my son's final day of 12th grade. His commencement will take place on Monday. I wept a lot yesterday as I am an extremely sentimental guy, even at age 50. For another, yesterday marked the 16th anniversary of my mother's passing, so my heart was heavy from that, and the fact that she will be unable to be here in the flesh to enjoy her only grandson graduating from high school.

Although my heart is heavy, I am gratified that Adam lived 88 years, that he knew he was very beloved by so many of us, that he was around long enough to make that sensational animated movie along with Burt and Julie as one last hurrah, as well as him being around long enough to see this iconic series finally make it to DVD and Blu-Ray after a very very long wait.

The Bat Signal will go dark for good in the present day, but we will always have the memories of Adam to keep us going, and that is what he would want.

I close with this quote that Adam, as Batman, once said...

"Time, a one syllable word, yesterday's laughter, tomorrow's tears..."

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Re: Adam has died

Post by Kirok »

I am so sad today, and I immediately thought of you guys here. We are all in mourning. I am so grateful Adam was finally given the honors he deserved in the last 10-15 years.

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Re: Adam has died

Post by AHTrois »

Holy Heartbreak. 😢

Of course, I missed out on the original wave of local Batmania in NOLA during the original 1966-8 run on The ABC Television Network and WVUE-TV (Channel 12 at the time), having been born a good half-decade after said wave surged. But naturally, I weaned myself on Batreruns, which became a Sunday ritual for me on 2 local stations: WGNO-TV Channel 26 in the 1970s and WNOL-TV Channel 38 in the 1980s. Even airings of Filmation's The New Adventures of Batman on CBS and WWL-TV Channel 4 (which starred Adam and Burt) on Saturday mornings. I'll forever cherish the memory of seeing the 1966 movie version for the first time on Channel 4's Saturday Matinee; Channel 26 later ran the movie many an occasional Sunday afternoon, which, as they no longer aired the series, was as close as I ever came to seeing it again until Channel 38 signed on in '84.

A great reason I became a Batfan was this very iconic series. Very ironic that the one dastardly villain The Caped Crusader was unable to defeat was leukemia.

Truly a tragic, dark Baturday today in Gotham City... :( :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry:

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Re: Adam has died

Post by Lou Szabo »

You never want this day to come. Thank goodness he finally received the recognition he deserved among the various Batman interpretations. Rest In Peace Adam West, the man who brought Batman to life for this youngster back in January of 1966, and does so every time I watch any of the episodes!
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Re: Adam has died

Post by Gadgeteer »

So very sad.

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Re: Adam has died

Post by chrisbcritter »

So sad to hear this. I imagine most of next year's Family Guy eps are in the can already, so we'll be able to enjoy his work a little while longer. Best thing is that his career, which he thought was over, had a great second act and he was able to enjoy the goodwill of all his fans up to the end. RIP Mr. West, and thank you.

Edit: This was posted on and says so much for all of us:
"To the medical eye, such childish claptrap means only one thing, young man: You need some sleep."

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Re: Adam has died

Post by Bob Furmanek »

Like many of you, I was a five year old completely caught up in the world of Batmania in 1966. As my dad said in an audio recording that year, "Bobby eats, sleeps and drinks Batman." So true.

When I moved to LA in 1984, I got in touch with Adam and offered to help find copies of his earlier TV appearances for him. I found the man to be warm, charming, witty and loads of fun. His amazingly dry sense of humor kept you on your toes, and laughing. Always laughing.

We drifted out of touch over the years and I didn't seen him for a decade. We had a nice reunion at the TCM festival in Hollywood last year. He hadn't changed a bit and we shared a nice moment together with some fond recollections - and laughter. Always laughter.

It's a sad day to lose a childhood hero. I'll never forget Adam and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

Rest in peace, my friend.

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Re: Adam has died

Post by Darknite69 »

My thoughts and prayers go out to his Family. He was a great inspiration to us all and he'll be greatly missed. R.I.P Mr.West.

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