VIRTUAL BATCAVE final update

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VIRTUAL BATCAVE final update

Post by FLOYDLEWIS » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:13 pm

so the BATCAVE build came to a inevitable I was forced to start taking things out in order to fit on their servers ..The generator..gone..The radar set...gone.. The navigational aid computer..out the door..and then I realized the little bat radios I made to go in the batmobile (in place of the textures) could not fit the Virtual Batcave I have up.. is all there can be..that is BATMOBILE 25 megabits , walls and batpoles 10 megabits ,atomic pile 15 megabits..
things not yet uploaded
bat equipment ,Batcycle and cave roof 50 megabits
and of course BAT SIGNAGE 25 Gigabits

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