TO THE BATPOLES podcast #097: Riddler’s cutting room floor: “The Silent Film Capers”

General goings on in the 1966 Batman World

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TO THE BATPOLES podcast #097: Riddler’s cutting room floor: “The Silent Film Capers”

Post by bat-rss » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:56 am


New TO THE BATPOLES podcast: We revisit one of our favorites, "Death in Slow Motion", discussing several early versions of Dick Carr's script, revealing the original form of the giant book, a cut subplot about chocolate cake, the reason Mr. Van Jones doesn't seem to mind that Riddler ruined his party, and much more. ... ilm-capers

APOLOGY: We have made a habit of including the comments from the board on the scripts we post ahead of recording. Somehow, this time we both utterly spaced it off and didn’t realize our error until we had both this episode AND the next one in the can! Holy senior moment! Apparently Lord Ffogg’s memory-wiping “stethoscope” is more powerful than we thought!

We will include selections from your comments on these scripts in a future episode! Our humblest apologies for the oversight.

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Re: TO THE BATPOLES podcast #097: Riddler’s cutting room floor: “The Silent Film Capers”

Post by High C » Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:04 pm

Another terrific podcast, sirs. I never noticed what a classic Adam line reading he gave when Batman found the library was closed because of budget cuts. 'SHOCKING!' :D

This is neither here nor there, but from the opening with Paul talking about how he feels the painters will be in his house forever like with Murphy Brown, I always felt like that character was their version of Charlie with Barbara. The writers were too lazy to come up with another character, and they needed somebody for Murphy to talk to. Hence, the absurd conceit of the painter who never leaves. I never found that idea funny, but whatever.

A good catch by you guys on pictoral/pictorial, and a good point on how character consolidation means it makes no sense that Riddler would want to ruin Van Jones' party. I'd add that the hasty post-Carr rewrite also never makes clear that Pauline is a frustrated, unsuccessful actress until Batman mentions it, probably because in Carr's typewriter she was simply 'Girl' with no personality other than being a sexy vehicle for Riddler to commit crimes.
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