Official Notice - Titles and Links Requirements

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Official Notice - Titles and Links Requirements

Post by Scott Sebring »

Folks, moving forward I'm going to require non vague titles for threads. If it's about a costume, then say so, if it's about an article then say so. No more "Never would have thought.." or "On this day..." will be allowed. Also, I am going to require that people at least make a minimal description about a link they are posting if there is no other text in their initial post. Otherwise, it comes across as click bait and spammy.

Thank you.
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Re: Official Notice - Titles and Links Requirements

Post by Commodore Schmidlapp »

Very good move, and I wish a few other boards I frequent would do the same. ;)

I never saw the point in ambiguous thread titles, since you can roll the cursor over the title and the first sentence or so pops up.

And as a rule I don't click or comment in threads with just a link, so as not to encourage such posts. From the looks of it, neither do others; so this cleans up the main board nicely.
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