1966 Wayne Study Room Props / Decor Identification

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1966 Wayne Study Room Props / Decor Identification

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Hey Everyone,

I have an interest in building a replica set of the 1966 Bruce Wayne Study, complete with sliding bookcase. Aside from the obvious props, I have been trying to identify other decor items in the room, from the taxidermy to lamps, floor globe, pictures, etc. Ultimately I would like to find similar items for the set build. I have not found very hires images to see clearly many of the objects.

I thought I would throw this topic up, in case there are others who have identified objects. Much of the decor seems to be mid century style, which makes sense. The Damask wallpaper I would imagine impossible to find, but there are some that closely match in color/style to what they used.

The black leather chair near the batpoles bookcase looks to be perhaps a Herman Miller style chair.

Other things that come to mind, are the wall pictures, letter holder that sits on the desk, there is a small trophy or brass sculpture on the rear cabinet, the two lamp/floor lamp that sits over the black leather chair, the items on the fireplace mantle. Among many other things.

If you have identified any of these objects, I would love to hear about it.

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