Any Bowling State lectures available?

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Any Bowling State lectures available?

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Dear Bat-Fans:

In April there was a "Batman in Popular Culture Conference" at Bowling Green State University, there was some talk about it here. But in the time since, has anybody found out if any of the talks are available via podcast or any other means on the internet. I know some lectures were cancelled, but any help would be appreciated.

Ones of particular interest to me:

Holy Shark Repellant Bat-Spray! How the 1960's Counter Culture Shaped the Batman on Television and Beyond by Chris McVetta

Batman 1966 a Podcast Perspective by John Draw

Batman and Catwoman: From the First Kiss to the Last by Jordan Valdes.

the Fusion of Comic Book Motifs and Romance Novel Tropes in the Evolving Relationship of Barbara Gordon andDick Grayson by Nancy Northcott

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Re: Any Bowling Green lectures available?

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As you probably are aware, it was discussed on the To The Batpoles podcast, starting at approximately 1:19:37. ... ce-informs

I can't help you on the last two, but it's my understanding the McVetta presentation was just a fanboyish recap of the most basic facts, plus some misinformation, including the unsubstantiated fourth-season myth, and, even worse, the notion that Lyle Waggoner was the first choice ahead of Adam. Waggoner himself would dispute that.

I mean, I'm sure the speaker loves the show, but there was nothing new in his presentation, from what I could gather. As for John S. Drew, he evidently could not make it there. He did not present.
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Re: Any Bowling State lectures available?

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I attended the conference (as I described in the podcast High C linked to). Right, John S. Drew bailed because of problems with his voice.

High C's description of the disappointing McVetta presentation is accurate. But judge for yourself: ... RAHxI2RC-k

Valdes also did not attend. Unfortunately I didn't attend Northcott's presentation (they had two sets of presentations running simultaneously), so I don't have a recording of it.
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