When did you first see the show?

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Re: When did you first see the show?

Post by greatlakes6 »

I was born in ‘64 and started watching in 1967.
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Re: When did you first see the show?

Post by chrisbcritter »

I was five years old when it started, and I was utterly mesmerized by it - and pretty much stayed that way ever since :) .
We didn't get a color TV until about 1971 or 1972, but I did get to see a couple episodes in color on the neighbors' set. I vaguely remember some of us playing Batman in the back yard; one girl always played Catwoman - oddly, her name was Joan Collins...
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Re: When did you first see the show?

Post by SprangFan »

My family must have been the last in America to get a color TV; it didn't arrive in my life until 1978. I still remember that Christmas because the TV was such a surprise. After we opened everything else, my folks said, "I think there's one more present behind the tree." Mom and Dad had gone to the trouble of transferring the set to a huge shipping box labeled "12 Dozen Marching Mickey Mouse" so even after my brother and I got the wrapping paper off, we still didn't know what was going on. :lol:

I was so excited to have color, I spent the afternoon watching the most boring Nativity-themed movie ever made, and loving it. Later that week I was able to happily confirm with my own eyes that the Lou Ferrigno "Hulk" was indeed green, after all.
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Re: When did you first see the show?

Post by Yellow Oval »

I remember first watching a rerun of Hi Diddle Riddle in the summer of '67. I recall the Riddler looking terrifying with his mask which seemed to have no eyes on certain angles with the right light and shading and that evil grin only Frank could give (think of his wax statue in a later episode). Really made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I remember my young self also being horrified at the scene outside the nightclub with the police officers taking the keys from Batman. I thought they were arresting him and I couldn't believe the ultimate good guy was being arrested. I remember yelling out to the TV (much to the amusement of older family) that they can't arrest him because he's Batman. Oh, what we think when we're too young to fully realize what's going on. Too funny now when I look back. Oh, and I was watching it in full, glorious color too which absolutely blew my mind after so much black & white TV viewing! My heart goes out to you, SprangFan. ;)

For what it's worth, only three of the villains scared the hell out of my young self way back then - Riddler, Joker, and False Face. Maybe that should be a thread in itself. Who was the most terrifying villain to you and why?
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