Holy Batmania! question

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Holy Batmania! question

Post by floatinjoe »

So, I broke out the DVDs today. In watching the teasers and trailers for Batman The Movie, I noticed that Teaser #2 and the Theatrical Trailer were identical. They were also shorter than what was labeled as Teaser #1.

Am I missing a magic click somewhere, or was this an error on the disc? Also, was the long Teaser #1 really the Theatrical Trailer? Just looking for some insight.

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Re: Holy Batmania! question

Post by NJ_Batfan »

Holy time warp! Has it really been 20 years since we all rushed out to get Holy Batmania?
Your question sent me to dig out my DVDs and check. I don't see any differences either, so it's probably an error.
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