Questions for Tom Peyer?

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Questions for Tom Peyer?

Post by bat-rss »

Tomorrow night (August 16, 2021) US time, Paul and I will be interviewing comics writer Tom Peyer (Batman '66, The Wrong Earth) for TO THE BATPOLES podcast. Any questions you'd like us to ask him?
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Re: Questions for Tom Peyer?

Post by High C »

Great get, sirs!

I thought his Egbert switching places with Alfred idea was clever and well-executed.

With that in mind, my two questions are:

1. How did he come up with his ideas? (The Bookworm story was a lot of fun, too)
2. Did he feel his mission was to draw from the show, but also expand on the possibilities afforded by the 'unlimited budget' of the comics format?
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Re: Questions for Tom Peyer?

Post by robinboyblunderer »

1. Can he share any unused Batman '66 stories he wanted to do but couldn't, if there are any? Details appreciated.

2. Does he have an eventual conclusion in mind for the Wrong Earth?

3. Would he be willing to share online any of his Batman '66 comic book scripts?

Please pass on a "thank you" and also thanks to you fellas for giving us the chance to possibly ask questions.

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