Obituary for Lee Harman, Bat-makeup artist

General goings on in the 1966 Batman World

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Obituary for Lee Harman, Bat-makeup artist

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I thought folks here would find this article/obit of interest - be sure to check out photos #4 and 5 in the scrolling image gallery: ... 0ed1b.html
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Re: Obituary for Lee Harman, Bat-makeup artist

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This is interesting and the two photos great. I don't believe Lee was ever credited on screen, as I only recall Ben Nye’s name.
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Re: Obituary for Lee Harman, Bat-makeup artist

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Wow. That's fascinating. Wish I knew about and met Lee. He lived just over the hill about 30 minutes from me as it turns out. Very close to Burt's current neck of the woods.

As for Ben Nye, he was the Makeup Department head and they were the ones who got the credit rather than the individual on set artists for production back then unlike current times. Ben might not have raised a powder puff often for the show itself.

I got to help film an interview with makeup legend, Dan Striepeke a few years back (2017) before his death in 2019. He was the makeup department head over at 20th Century Fox during the 60s. Off camera, I asked him if he was involved with Batman during then. He said, "No. I was theatrical. Ben was television." On camera, he talked about how he was approached for a Special Oscar for "Planet of the Apes" since he was the department head (just like Ben was on Batman). He told the academy that John Chambers was the real makeup artist and designer for "Planet of the Apes" (and was uniquely credited so) and deserved the award. Anyway, he just explained that was how the pecking order use to read for things like makeup, hair and wardrobe back then. The person listed wasn't the only one working on the production and may have been only administrative as well.
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Re: Obituary for Lee Harman, Bat-makeup artist

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Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Obituary for Lee Harman, Bat-makeup artist

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This was fascinating. Thanks for sharing. A very interesting story about an interesting. Sorry he's gone.

I don't know who this was, but here is a photo of a touch-up being done on-set:
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