20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

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20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by Scott Sebring »

I almost forgot about posting this altogether but January 18th, 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of when I got to meet Adam West for the first time. I had only started participating on the board a few weeks before (another anniversary). Who knew what the road laid ahead for this long time batfan?

This is a reprint of an e-mail that I sent to my mother on January 18, 2004. I thought it summed up the moment best since I was still living in the glow of the experience.
"Hi mom,
This weekend, Vickie and I went out to the “Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show” that took place at a hotel next to Universal Studios in Studio City. Among the celebrities there were:

Margot ‘Lois Lane’ Kidder “Superman movies I, II, III & IV”

Lou Ferrigno “The Incredible Hulk” from TV. Big Guy.

Charlotte Rae ‘Mrs. Edna Garrett’ on both “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts Of Life”

Christopher Knight ‘Peter’ on “The Brady Bunch”

Barry Williams ‘Greg’ on “The Brady Bunch”

Kate Jackson “Charlie’s Angels”

Rick ‘Cletus’ Hurst From “The Dukes Of Hazzard” (he was dressed in his deputy uniform)

Frank ‘Lumpy’ Bank From “Leave It To Beaver”

Anyways, that’s just some of the folks who showed up to sell books and autographed photos. But of course, I went there just to see the one and only:

Adam “BATMAN” West

I saw, he signed, I GEEKED OUT!! And Frank Gorshin who played the Riddler happened to be there with him. Both were very nice and talked a little with Vickie and I. Frank’s doing a one man show called “Say Goodnight Gracie” where he plays George Burns. I asked him if he was going to be doing any shows in L.A. though I did mention that I knew he would be playing in Sarasota in Feb. He lit up at the inquiry. Adam noticed the Batman T-shirt I was wearing. I had made it myself in the style of the one that he wore on the show. He knew who I was looking for. When we approached their line, he said, “check out the Batdude…” in that unmistakable voice that I knew since I was 2. To me, he will always be THE Batman. I knew him as Batman before I knew there was such a thing as comic books (and that’s saying A LOT). None of the modern day versions will ever compare to the impact he had on me in that role. Good deeds, ethics and cool hideouts were forever etched in my skull. I guess I could get therapy for that.

These type of events draw in a ton of people, so we couldn’t hog the line or their time, so I chose my photos and paid their agents and they smiled, signed and talked a bit while they signed.

Adam asked me what I did and Vickie told him that I dressed up like him for Halloween.*

He smiled and with a wink said, “I should probably get a cut of that.”

She told him then that I worked as an operations manager. He kind of stared at me like “What on Earth is that?” I went on to mention that since I have to enforce the standards, ethics and do the store’s detective work that I’ve gotten the reputation being called “Batman.”

“Well, that’s not such a bad thing to be known for,” he smiled and nodded. I was 2 again.

I got my picture taken with him (well, he was on the other side of the table) and we moved on our way. We didn’t even bother to stop at the other tables but we did take a peak at how some of the folks were aging. The biggest line by far was for Kate Jackson, and I must say she still looks wonderful since her days on “Charlie’s Angels” in the 70’s and battling breast cancer a few years back.

Just thought I’d share.
Love to all,
Scott and Adam West 01182004-board.jpg
The best was yet to come...

*I dressed up as an Alex Ross inspired Batman that Halloween. My 66 batsuit was still in my unknowing future.
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Re: 20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by AndyFish »

Great story Scott-- and to imagine back then where it would go.
My own story is about six years earlier-- and we met in a men's room of all places-- I won't forget it, either. Having worked for Unicef for a number of years I'd met a ton of celebrities, I even had the occasion to attend a cocktail party at Tony Randall's New York Apartment where Paul Newman and his wife were there-- I was never star struck, and thought most of these celebrities were posers and sad people. When Tony Randall introduced me to Paul he loudly said that "This guy thinks celebrities are fake." Newman's response was "Then he's the smartest guy in the room." We hit it off and talked about cars.

But when I met Adam, I was speechless. I was literally speechless.

Sorry for the hijacking, just relating to your own encounter.
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Lou Szabo
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Re: 20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by Lou Szabo »

That’s a beautiful memory and thank you for sharing it. I always wondered how long the “seniors” have known Adam, Burt and the rest.
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Jim K, Bat fan
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Re: 20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by Jim K, Bat fan »

Great story, Scott! And I love that you emailed your Mom. I have no idea how old you are, but when you were a kid, did Adam ever turn up at a car show like the Auto Rama? Or at an appearance related to the 1989 movie?
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Jimmy L. 66
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Re: 20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by Jimmy L. 66 »

Thanks for sharing the story Scott, especially cool to have your memories and emotions captured right after.
I always enjoy your adventures in the Bat universe and Adam's periphera, great to hear one of the earliest.
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Chuck Williams
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Re: 20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by Chuck Williams »

I can feel the adrenalin in that post! Happy Anniversary Scott!!!
It sure has been a wild ride!!!

I remember getting breakfast in the hotel restaurant of TIKICON and walking by you and Adam having breakfast together.
You were a little out of focus due to the vibrations of glee!

It's a better Bat World with ya in it !!! :D
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Re: 20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by BatmiteReturns »

The one and only time I ever met Adam was in Michigan back and I believe 2007. We had driven eight hours to attend the show but it was well worth it. He commented on my Batman shirt and was extremely pleasant. I also met a number of you regulars on the board including Scott and Wally.

30 years prior I met BUrt for the first time when I was seven here at a car show along with the Batmobile. BUrt was in full costume and called me Tiger when I sat on his lap for a picture. Batman wasn't there at that weekend he was out chasing Catwoman according to BUrt. A couple of months later Adam was in town with the Batmobile but that was the weekend I had to go out of town to visit my sister.
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Yellow Oval
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Re: 20th Year Anniversary Meeting Adam West

Post by Yellow Oval »

I met Adam and Burt at a car show in Montreal in the fall of 1976. The line-up in the convention center was massive and they came out in their costumes to wild applause. My very young self was absolutely stunned when it was my turn to get my official photo signed by both of them. I could only mumble when they talked to me and I was in total disbelief when shaking their gloved hands as all I could think of was that, after years of seeing them on TV, they were right here in front of me and taking an interest in what I was saying to them (when I finally stopped mumbling). In 2010 at Toronto's Fan Expo Convention, Adam walked past me (no more costume by then) during an autograph break, but I didn't talk to him as he seemed to be 'urgently' heading somewhere. :lol:

I met up with him and Burt again in 2011 in Montreal at Place Bonaventure, the very same convention hall from way back in 1976! I reminded them of this from 35 years ago and Adam just looked away lost in thought and I heard him say to himself "35 years... Where did it all go?" Burt laughed and said "Time really flies!" They were both still very gracious as was Adam's late assistant (his name escapes me). Burt spent about 15 minutes talking to me, making the fan line wait, when he found out I was a fellow dog owner and we showed each other our dog photos. Great memories so I totally get Scott, Andy, and anyone else's great experiences as well. Moments in time that can never be repeated.
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