Autopsy: The Last Hours of Adam West on Reelz

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Autopsy: The Last Hours of Adam West on Reelz

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Did anyone catch this program last night or did it escape everyone's notice? I found it by accident and only saw the last few minutes. Most of the programming on this channel seems to portray Hollywood's sordid side, so I usually avoid these shows. Evidently, there were comments from Jeff Rovin and Ralph Garman, along with footage from the evening that the bat signal was lit in LA. There are no future showings scheduled, but this channel rotates programs heavily, so I am sure that it will run again.
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Re: Autopsy: The Last Hours of Adam West on Reelz

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I watched it. I enjoyed seeing some of the vintage footage but the build up was very lackluster. They questioned if his tanning and smoking early on was a cause of his death and even talked about the painted accessories on his costume or the smoke from Penguins umbrella as a potential cause. lol They of course ruled out all of those and really had nothing to add as far as the cause of his death beyond stating only 5-10% of people with Leukemia die so fast. Most live 5+ years longer but Adam died only days after discovering it.
I still loved seeing the Bat Signal footage again.
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