I had no idea this was out on DVD LEGENDS!

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Re: I had no idea this was out on DVD LEGENDS!

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Monstar wrote: Mon May 29, 2017 7:12 am
The Boss wrote: Tue May 09, 2017 12:08 pm
AndyFish wrote: Mon May 08, 2017 6:36 am
There are no bonuses on the disc that I'm aware of-- the outtakes if there were any I suspect were used in in the final.
Really? I have read from several sources that there are about 8 minutes of outakes. But none gave any details. Since this was on such a tight budget I figure that any outtakes must have been HUGE blunders.
I just popped my DVD in and made some notes:

•Doctor Savana (Howard Morris) Ad-libbing - Walks around the heroes and commenting on them.
•Solomon Grundy (Mickey Morton) outtake - Finishes a line, the camera continues to roll.
•Green Lantern (Howard Murphy) waiting for a plane to fly by
•Green Lantern leaving his mark - runs to his mark, holds, leaves frame
•"That's Entertainment" Piano Click Track - Mordu (Gabriel Dell) sings; audio is lowered aside from the "click" to keep time, I suppose.
Total time: 8:29
Thanks. I was hoping there would be more footage of Adam and Burt or even Frank. Oh, well. Thanks again for the information.
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Re: I had no idea this was out on DVD LEGENDS!

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Yes, I have a copy, Sony also has an on-demand site
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Re: I had no idea this was out on DVD LEGENDS!

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I remember seeing these shows when they first aired way back in the 70s (as i was watching Batman '66 everyday after school it was only natural that I watch this as well. (It also fed into my delusion (at the time) that Batman was a contemporary series and not one that was already ten years old!)
many years later my girlfriend at the time and I had found a VHS tape that had the specials and we laughed ourselves silly watching them all over again.
When the DVD came out I bought it instantly and talked it up on the Green lantern Corps message board
a fellow poster asked me if viewing the specials is what made my girlfriend call things off between us. I said "well, that's not the reason she gave at the time...."
"Someone might be able to substitute for Batman, for a very short time, but no one could ever replace him!"
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