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Post by WayneGrayson »

I'm very late to the game, I bought a used copy of the Complete Series DVDs and got some mistake discs, such as no narration for the opening of the first Mr Freeze. I don't even know what all the mistakes are, but...

Anyway, Wally Wingert mentioned I could contact Warner for the exchange and said the link was somewhere on this board.

Any info will help - thanks.

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Post by Scott Sebring »

Admin side of me: We have a search feature here to cut down on redundant posts/ requests. Either one of us looks it up there to find the thread or you. Lol. Also, the subject is a sticky at the top of this Merchandise section. ;)

Bleeding heart side of me:
Scott Sebring wrote:Painfully easy if you READ.

Go here:

Fill out your personal info.

As per their instructions:
Please provide your media type and the UPC code found on the back of the package. If you purchased via and/or don’t have a UPC, please enter your format “BD” or “DVD” in the UPC field so we know what discs will need to be replaced.
Don't get confused by the reference. This works even if you got it from a Best Buy like me and don't have the UPC handy. Just fill in "BD" or "DVD" instead of the UPC complete with quotes.

If you got the Limited Edition Blu Ray set, put in your edition number.

That's it. Whether you got it from Best Buy, Amazon, gift or what have you. If you have multiple copies, then you will need to repeat this process for each one.

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