The BATMAN 1966 Renaissance

1966 TV show type Bat-Items found on eBay, Collectibles, etc.

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John Mack
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Re: The BATMAN 1966 Renaissance

Post by John Mack »

Yes, a great thread! I have to admit, I never thought that today we would be seeing 66 merchandise. I have a lot of trouble with all the cute, big headed stuff out there. A realistic looking, affordable figure set would be nice. And by figure, I'm talking about Ideal type figures, sometimes referred to as figurines I suppose. A nice hand painted set with removable capes would be nice.
I of course, hope for a complete soundtrack release. Anyone who knows me here, BWH for instance, echos that wish. I'd also like a sound effects CD. Like the one GNP Cresendo did for Star Trek TOS. A long loop of the Batcave background sound effect, maybe 10 minutes in length would be nice. A clean Batmobile start up without any dialogue or music would be a welcome sound to my ears.
As for what I believe is the best item produced thus far? Hot Toys figures, followed by Figures Toy Companies line for the sheer number of characters and affordable price tag. I have to admit the reissue of the soundtrack on vinyl and CD was nice. And believe it or not, something as simple as the vinyl banks and reissue pins are nice to see as well. The Mattel belt and To the Batcave Batman figure is really nice too, although the tiny Batarang was a ponderous idea for the utility belt.
Here's hoping we eventually get our wishes, each and everyone. Oh, one last there a plain T shirt out there that has just the 66 logo with font in white, heck even yellow, that isnt that distressed look, available in 3X?
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Re: The BATMAN 1966 Renaissance

Post by Golddragon71 »

I really want a NECA 7" scale Robin to go with my Batman (as they've already done Robin in 1/4 scale it should be theoretically easy enough to do a scaled down version (I was really disappointed with them not releasing him with the Christian Bale Batman and Arkham Harley)
I definitely would like a definitive TV series Score CD similiar to the Batman the Animated series scores we've been getting from LaLaLand
I'd personally like a short story anthology similiar to how they did the Further Adventures of Batman back in 89. (Maybe call it Tales from the Batcave.
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tenderheart bear
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Re: The BATMAN 1966 Renaissance

Post by tenderheart bear »

I don't think there's one thing that's the highlight of the new merchandise for me. There are lots of things though that I love owning, and never thought I'd see the day that it would be possible to have such a choice of what to buy (or indeed, not buy). I don't buy everything and I'm slightly selective (just having the '66 Batman logo on it isn't enough to warrant a purchase), but my top 5 (in no particular order) would be...

The Mattel Batmobile for the figures line
The Hotwheels Batmobile (that first started off the merchandise boom)
The Batman and Robin Metal-Hybrid figures
Neca's 1:6th scale Batman (I don't have Robin yet)
Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series by Bob Garcia and Joe Desris

I imagine the Hot Toys figures would be in there too but I don't own them. One day I will.

The one item I'm disappointed we don't yet have is the Hot Toys Batmobile that was sort of announced but has yet to (and probably never will) materialize.
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Re: The BATMAN 1966 Renaissance

Post by Jthree »

Would love to see Batman 66 Christmas wrapping paper, Batman 66 notebooks, and even more postcards.

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Re: The BATMAN 1966 Renaissance

Post by elmrgraham »

I would like to see the 1966 Batman Topps Cards reintroduced.
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