2019 JADA Batmobile kit

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A. Pennyworth
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2019 JADA Batmobile kit

Post by A. Pennyworth » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:53 pm

JADA Hollywood Rides, Build N Collect, Classic Tv Series Batmobile & Batman diecast kit

Very nice, body is well painted, heavy all metal, ~8.5" in length, orange pinstripings, poorly fitting headlight/Bat-Ray clear lens with small punch outs behind them (I guess for lighting), no rear antenna, non opening hood or trunk, door are separate as in the inner door panels, orange rubber Emergency Bat-Turn Lever and T-Shift handle, antlers rubber but nice configuration of antlers to beacon cage ratio which is also decent (need some paint detail), seats all black, no silver pan, large rectangular hole in Robin's seat, he is included, all rubber sitting, with a rectangular tab on his rear end, holding the Batphone, but another poor looking Batphone is also included, Batman standing figure,non bending, metal body, rubber cape and gloves/hands stands 2 3/4"

This is a great looking kit, one that would be very easy to be more accurately detailed since it's apart already

Jada Kit large size image
JadaKit copy1024.jpg

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John Mack
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Re: 2019 JADA Batmobile kit

Post by John Mack » Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:04 pm

Much better than the Polar Lights kit I just built figure wise, except Batman can't sit in the Batmobile. My Bat beam broke when assembling the Polar Lights car. I need to get a replacement part. All in all though, the Jada kit seems better though. Thanks for posting. I'll need to study it closer, but these are my initial thoughts.
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