Batman coins by New Zealand Mint

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John Mack
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Batman coins by New Zealand Mint

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There are two coins from the series by the New Zealand Mint, Batman and Penguin. The Penguin one has me confused somewhat. It has the line "Great quivering jellyfish" on it. I thought the line was "Great quivering icebergs." I wont get into the na na na on the Batman coin. The New Zealand mint has other non 1966 related Batman money as well.

You can find them in a Google search at Power or go to New Zealand Also, our friends at the Bradford Exchange have a 1966 Batman coin as well but as we know, the site wont work for anyone living in Canada, but here's the link anyway...good luck.. ... gLd_vD_BwE
batman-dc-comics-66-1-oz-silver-coin-2-niue-2020 (1).jpg
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Re: Batman coins by New Zealand Mint


Eh. I would have been interested if the image of Batman was not the "dancing" scene from the pilot. That inspired people to send the wrong message about the show forever, it seems (forgetting that he was drugged, otherwise that would not have happened), along with the "Na" x7.

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