Batboat plans

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Batboat plans

Post by Spider »

I would like to find a set of plans for the ‘66 Batboat. I am in the process of finishing a 36 inch remote control model of The Orca from Jaws, I will be starting a 31 inch remote control model of the SS Minnow from Gilligan’s Island, and my third project will be a 24-36 inch model of the Batboat. I have ordered a plastic model of the boat, but it is going to be difficult to scale it up. Thanks.
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A. Pennyworth
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Re: Batboat plans

Post by A. Pennyworth »

The blueprints exist, they are out there. These are the best images I have.
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Re: Batboat plans

Post by rsaffle »

I found this image online. It is not my art ( artist is credited ) and I'm not sure how accurate it is but it should help.

Here is another site that has many photos to help. ... t5968.html

*See more 3D printed props @
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