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Joker's Skeleton Key Prop

Post by rsaffle »

Here is my 3d designed & printed version of Joker's skeleton key from the episodes “The Impractical Joker” / “The Joker’s Provokers”
Season 2, Episodes 21 and 22

The Dynamic Duo arrive, a new prank is discovered: they’re changing all the locks in GCPD HQ, and in amidst the shipment of new keys is one in the shape of a human skeleton: an actual skeleton key. And it comes with a note: “Latched or mastered, skeletoned or passed, spot the Scot before you’re outclassed.” As it turns out, Angus Ferguson is in Gotham with an exhibit of his collection of keys, and it’s pretty obvious that that’s the Joker’s target, particularly the priceless Key of Kaincardine, which has been handed down from generation to generation in Ferguson’s family.

Still thinking I would get a better print on my resin printer if I could work out the bugs. Not yet! lol
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Re: Joker's Skeleton Key Prop

Post by svl »

Another home run.
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Re: Joker's Skeleton Key Prop

Post by Meule »

Oh, this is a must-have, for sure :D
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Re: Joker's Skeleton Key Prop

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