Flashback- Mr. Freeze Halloween 1997

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Flashback- Mr. Freeze Halloween 1997

Post by Riddler 66 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:24 pm

Ran across these photos of myself as Mr. Freeze on Halloween, actually 10/30/97. I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington DC that night, then to a Tanya Donnelly concert. Full costume all the way. I have done 4 Batman '66 characters on various Halloweens. I unfortunately don't have any of myself as either Batman or Robin, but perhaps some of my college friends will turn those up one of these days. (The Riddler photos I have posted previously) This outfit was adapted from a friend's astronaut costume.I added tubes with blue water, and did the make up myself. I used silver hair spray. Although it doesn't show well, I used some sprinkles to indicate icy reflections on the skin and hair.
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