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Re: Bat-Doodles

Post by mwilbury »

Stumbled on another chalk art cartoon (pun intended) from several years ago. I was trying to amuse my daughter.

... and maybe some adults by pairing socks and sandals. Holy fashion faux pas!
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Ben Bentley
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Re: Bat-Doodles

Post by Ben Bentley »

That's so neat! The socks and sandles? Well each to their own Old Chum...
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Lou Szabo
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Re: Bat-Doodles

Post by Lou Szabo »

Well done!
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Lee Kirkham
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Re: Bat-Doodles

Post by Lee Kirkham »

Now those are just plain FUN!
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1966 Batmobile Doodle

Post by antman67 »

Me doodling the #1966 Batman Batmobile. I know I'm not the best artist but I tried & made an effort? I hope I'm worthy.
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