The Puzzler's Gas Mask prop

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The Puzzler's Gas Mask prop

Post by rsaffle »

“The Puzzles are Coming” / “The Duo is Slumming”
Season 2, Episodes 31 and 32

The Puzzler—a Shakespeare-spouting villain along with his henchmen and moll, fly a tiny model plane right into Commissioner Gordon’s office and drop a smoke bomb with a note. On one side, it says, “Forsooth, the puzzles are coming.” On the back: “I know a bank where the wild thyme blows, inside out the puzzle goes.”

This is my take on the gas masks worn by the villain's. I'm pretty sure the original props were just a kids vinyl ball cut down to make the mask but I wanted to be able to print it and make it a little more substantial. The circles are just craft foam.

*I promised my take on the worst prop in the whole series is coming up soon. Just got this finished quicker. ;?)

*See more 3D printed props @
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Re: The Puzzler's Gas Mask prop

Post by Meule »

Looking at the shapes of the masks in those pics, seeing how they're all a little different I think you're right about them being vinyl balls cut to shape.
But what's the fun in that, eh ;)
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