Need BOOKWORM help for prop

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Need BOOKWORM help for prop

Post by rsaffle »

I'm working on the book radio that Bookworms henchmen named Printers Helper used and later, Francine York. Does anyone know what the books title is? Anyone have clearer images or is it possibly mentioned in the script maybe?

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A. Pennyworth
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Re: Need BOOKWORM help for prop

Post by A. Pennyworth »

No idea?, here is the cover and an interior page with pictures
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Re: Need BOOKWORM help for prop

Post by Ben Bentley »

No mentions in the script from what I can see, outside the plot specific Hemingway page. I'm guessing it was a reference book of some sort given that there are photographs on some of the pages. My theory would be that the finite size of the radio/device they used will have dictated then the proportions of the book they used as the base for the prop. The text on the cover does not appear to have enough words/characters to be FWTBT, plus why would that book contain images?

So unless someone happens to recognize the pattern on the front of the book, i'm out of ideas! ha
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