Battle of the Sexes

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Battle of the Sexes

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Okay, this is where the administration is going to have to make a stand and put the kabosh on the whole "typical man" "pervert" "sorry boys" kind of banter. We try (although don't always succeed) on keeping the overall forum free from sexist comments about either gender. We've gotten enough complaints about the reverse sexism remarks towards men over the past year that I'm going to have to say the following.


Stop making generalized statements about members of either sex. This includes but not limited to:
"From a woman's perspective..."
"Being a typical red blooded male myself..."
"Hubba hubba..."
"Typical male..."
"Typical female..."
"Sorry gentlemen, but being a woman..."
"Sorry ladies, but being a guy..."
"Listen cupcake..."

If you don't think such remarks are offensive. You're wrong and we've gotten plenty of feedback to know this. Any comments that have a separatists lean too it will and does offend. Even a remark that suggests the other sex doesn't understand as a general whole is offensive. If you have an opinion about something, cool, but leave gender, race, religion, nationality, body fat, height and such as a basis around it out of it. It's your opinion based upon you as a person about a subject or action and not as a categorized group, populace or sect towards another.

This is not to say that a person can't say that somebody is attractive, pretty, cute, handsome, suave, well dressed or the like but it must be done respectfully. And definitely without the drooling. That's just tacky.

Yes, the series had plenty of pitfalls meeting this sort of idealism but this is a modern day forum filled with real people and not a fictional 1960's TV show.


Not up for debate or vote.