Dateline: Sunday, March 25, 1984

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Dateline: Sunday, March 25, 1984

Post by AHTrois » Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:58 am

[attachment=0]1511161_10151912807592894_341402615_n.jpg[/attachment] 30 years ago tomorrow, New Orleans viewers would very much enjoy staying at home.

WNOL-TV Channel 38 signed on in my area as the second Independent station in New Orleans, LA (right after WGNO-TV 26), at 8AM with Tom And Jerry. I remember the first day vividly, as Batman, a program I much obsessed over in my youth, was part of the first day of broadcasting; it particularly made Batman a Sunday morning ritual for me all over again (like it was for me on WGNO-TV 26 in the 1970s). :)

Through its 3-decades, it has endured transitions from Independent to network (FOX 38, WB38, CW 38) to sister staion to now-WGNO ABC 26 (NOLA 38). So…here’s to 3 decades of Channel 38! New Orleaninas could not have stayed home without'cha! 8-)
1984 ad promoting the debut of WNOL-TV Channel 38, New Orleans.

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