45 Years Ago: The Un-Connery

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45 Years Ago: The Un-Connery

Post by BAT CAVERN »

Somewhat ironically, "LIVE AND LET DIE" is said to have opened in the U.S. eight days prior to its London premiere.
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Lou Szabo
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Re: 45 Years Ago: The Un-Connery

Post by Lou Szabo »

I saw the original release twice. Loved the song and the "Cola nut, uncola nut" guy.
My favorite line from the movie: "Butter hook"
I don't think the song was released as a single until the end of summer as I kept searching for it. I kept checking McCartney's album (Red Rose Speedway?) but alas, it was to be on a Soundtrack album.

The New Orleans funeral was my first introduction to graves above ground. Some 15 years later I visited "No'leans" and saw them first hand. How many movies and TV shows have used the funeral march and or the cemeteries as a backdrop.... Easy Rider, NCIS-NO, and Double Jeopardy to name a few.
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John Mack
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Re: 45 Years Ago: The Un-Connery

Post by John Mack »

I guess not everyone is into soundtracks. No, alas for me! The soundtrack was sheer Bond excitement!
With George Martin and his Orchestra, that soundtrack remains one of my favorites. Martin''s use of the motif from McCartney's song is sheer excitement and brilliance. Due to changing Bonds, most tracks have an undercurrent of the Bond theme, if not right out there for you to hear. The producers wanted no doubt it was Moore you were seeing as Bond.
Loved the movie. One my only memories of my dad having such a belly laugh as Mrs. Bell sitting next to Bond exclaims, "Holy s***!" as the wings come off her little plane.
Music. BAT! Music.
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Re: 45 Years Ago: The Un-Connery

Post by SprangFan »

Yay, Roger! My favorite Bond! (So sue me)

I had seen some Connery films already, but it was LALD that made me a 007 fan for life.

So excited to have a chance to see it on the big screen this August (if you're near Richmond VA, come to the Byrd Theater for Bond Month!).
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Re: 45 Years Ago: The Un-Connery

Post by Mr.Freeze »

My mom did not see it until x-mas '73 (and here we complain about waiting a month or two for the latest films lol)

Why did OHMSS premiere in Japan first , weird......
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