Diamond Halts Shipments of All New Comics Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

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Diamond Halts Shipments of All New Comics Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Post by zarm106 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:38 pm

Steve Geppi, Chairman & CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises and Founder of Diamond Comic Distributors just confirmed the news with the following statement, in which he confirms that product intended for sale in April and beyond will not ship to stores in Northern America. This week will be the last for the foreseeable. While Diamond UK will now not receive anything at all. He tells us;

This information has been confirmed by cbr.com; bleeding cool; and comic book.com.

https://www.bleedingcool.com/2020/03/23 ... this-week/

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Re: Diamond Halts Shipments of All New Comics Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Post by Keith Mayo » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:20 pm

The current situation in the comics hobby.

Your mechanic gives your car the full treatment, checking every system. When he's finished he tells you the car will probably break down soon from the transmission falling out. You continue to drive it and have no noticeable problems and figure the mechanic was trying to rip you off with an unneeded transmission replacement. The next day, your engine blows up. Was the mechanic right about your car breaking down even though he gave the wrong reason for the breakdown?

For some time there have been those in the comic book community telling us the industry was heading for a fall. Reasons given were bad stories/art, social justice/identity politics entering the ranks of creators and/or the apathy the publishers display towards the fans. Today with the announcement from Diamond that they are ceasing their distribution of new comics for an unknown period of time looks like it combined with LCSs being closed due to the Beer Bug may be the actual reason for the death of the comics industry. Were the prognosticators of doom wrong because they miscalled the actual catalyst of the demise?
The industry cheerleaders who have poo-pooed the "Comics are dying" crowd will tell us this situation is temporary and all is not lost, and they may be right, but I see the majority of LCSs closing for good and never reopening. Most LCSs were on the brink of closing (for a myriad of reasons) prior to the Beer Bug, so much so that as a former small business owner I can't see how they'll survive another month or so of a zero income stream.

I guess we will see what the future holds. The comics industry will have to change and adapt to the new norm, and don't kid yourself - there will be a new "normal" when this is all over. Life as we knew it will be forever changed in ways that we can't as of yet see, but it will change. I have several friends around the country who own small comic book shops. I get the majority of my information from them and will report back here when there's something new to add to the story. All I can say right now is this:

If your LCS is still open you would do well to go there and spend some money to help them stay afloat. Nerds my age remember watching the spinner racks disappear from the Mom & Pop stores, 7-11s, grocery and drug stores. We experienced the crisis of the 90s too. They say the third time's the charm. Let's hope "they" were wrong.
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