collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

1966 TV show type Bat-Items found on eBay, Collectibles, etc.

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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by ZAP_POW »

When you DO start collecting any item from any subject, a clear note to self is buy what YOU LIKE!

You can purchase with the intent to make a profit later down the line, but to me that is more
investing than collecting , and there is a difference

I would rather Collect first and invest Second.

Collecting is much more fun when the items that you purchase are for your Collection only.
Maybe a lucky and rare find from a Flea Market , or from a Garage Sale,
(The Good DEALS are out there, but you have to put in the footwork to find them).
It does not have to be a High Priced top dollar item to live in a nice collection.

Some of the smaller , and Cheaper priced Batman items in my collection are more fun to me than
the Very Expensive items.

With all of that said, before and even since the Batman 1966 Batman T.V. series Aired ,
Thousands of 'Batman Items have been produced.
There is a non stop flow of Batman Collectables to find or chose from.

The collecting field is open ; To be able to purchase almost any Bat-related item.
From remake 1966 Props and gadgets to complete Bat-suits to wear or to put on
a Mannequin-form for display.
The ENDLESS Bat-toys that are available is a non stop rush of toys starting before the 1966 T.V. show
and continues on to the present day.

As first said this will be YOUR COLLECTION , so buy what YOU like, because you are collecting
for yourself and you will be the lucky one, who will always be able to look at and drool over your
finds on a daily basis.

There is no specific Formulas , when you see it , and if you like it, and it is within your budget,
Buy II

After a short period of time you will realize you have collected a very special, visual and fascinating
Collection that you will be happy to show your Friends, and look at with Pride !

* No Formulas
* Buy what appeals to YOU
* Keep within your Budget
* Take time to search Flea Markets & Garage Sales.

And Watch your Collection Grow !!

That is what I have done , see my collection photos below.

100_1951 (Large).JPG
100_1950 (Large).JPG
100_1954 (Large).JPG
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by Batman65 »

I think Zap Pow hit it right on the head. Very well put!
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by Parker Gabriel »

Szabol wrote: Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:39 am I guess I would divide it into vintage and new, then actual TV related or 60's era. I see you have a mix of Vintage and Modern. The Batman Volumes 1-3 are 60's era reprints of 50's or earlier comics. I sold mine because they weren't show related. The 3 Villains of Doom are essentially a Movie adaptation with some differences.

That said:
Vintage TV Show related:
Aurora Batmobile
Corgi/Duncan Batmoble
Simms Batmobile
Aurora Black Beauty
Corgi Black Beauty
Topps Card sets (picture version)
Some comics that reference the show
Some clothing items:
Slippers, Robes, Bedspread, Beachtowel
Marx ride-on Batmobile
Commercial Coin operated Batmobile or amusement park Batmobiles
Barris Batmobile 1-4

Tangential vintage 60's stuff
I would start with the officially licensed stuff
Batman Licensing.jpg
Topps cards
Aurora Models Batman, Robin, Penguin
Paperbacks, Comic Books, posters, etc
Autographs and Pictures
Captain Action Batman Costume
Rubber Batman (hangs from car mirror)
Parachute Batman
Ideal Batman items (JLA Superset, Utility Belt, Cowl and Cape)
Ben Cooper batman costume
and the list grows exponentially.

New Batman 66 stuff
Replica Batmobile 1:1 scale (RHD for UK)
Adam West Bust (both versions)
TV Show opening Credits Statues
Moebius Models (Batman, Catwoman, Robin...)
Tweeterhead Statues (Batman, Catwoman, Robin, Batgirl...)
Diamond Select Statues (Catwoman)
Mattel 1/12 action figure line and vehicles
Polar Lights Models
Mattel various scale Batmobiles and finishes (Matte)
Pimp my Batmobile accessories
Chuck Costume (all the goodies) Batman and Robin
Batgirl Costume
Catwoman Costume
Other resin kits (Koma Batman, Johnny Resin, etc)
Hot Toys Batman Robin and Batmobile (Aerosmith's Dream on playing in the background)
Batman 66 comic series
Batman book of TV show comics (also an HB exclusive to comic shops with the Blue Ray red box)
Batman Batarang
Mattel Collector series Cowl and Utility Belt
Boots by Duran
Autoart 1/18 scale Black Beauty
Busts, Can Openers, NJ Croce bendies and vehicles
Figures Toy Company classic line, accessories, and carry case

The list goes on....but my hands hurt from typing :D
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by Therin of Andor »

While I have lots of "Batman '66" stuff, I recently realized I didn't have the old Whitman "Green Hornet" hardcover ("The Case of the Disappearing Doctor"), the early original novel ("The Infernal Light") in MMPB, nor even the classic View-Master set.

Nor the more recent Bobbleheads! Off to eBay, Abebooks and Amazon I went.

For the next few weeks, it's like an early Green Hornet Christmas!
"Holy nostalgia, Batman!"
Therin of Andor

(aka Ian McLean, from Sydney, Australia)
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Therin of Andor
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by Therin of Andor »

Spotted this Sears ad from the 1960s recently! My cousins had a set of toy phones (with my brothers and I loved using!) but they weren't Batman-branded.

Batman telephones by Ian McLean, on Flickr
"Holy nostalgia, Batman!"
Therin of Andor

(aka Ian McLean, from Sydney, Australia)
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by rickkrefft »

For statues and busts I really love my Tweeterhead statues the most, Batman and Robin with the Batcopter is a must own if you can only spend so much, but they are all beautiful. I also enjoy the Diamond Select busts and banks. The busts are probably the most complete line of characters out there, but the banks offer better likeness.

For action figures, Figures Toy Company has done good by Batman making so many different characters, but lack of a Batmobile and figures that aren’t very durable, I still think Mattel gives you more for your money. You can actually play and pose the Mattel figures and not worry about the females funny unposable bodies and flyaway hair. Mattel also give you a pretty cool Batmobile. Hot Toys and Neca both made fantastic figures of Batman and Robin, but sadly that’s as far as either line went. There are also adorable stuffed dolls of Batman and Robin that talk by Wonderland Toys that I like a lot.

The Lego Batcave is real cool and fun. I also love the remote control Batmobile. Finally, I would say the Moebuis model kits. I still have mine in the box but hope to pay someone to build and paint them for me someday. I’ve seen some finished airbrushed models and they look really good.
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by Batman42 »

Have added this to my collection
DC3930.jpg (152.57 KiB) Viewed 2144 times
got it for £11.99 from a forbidden planet here in the UK
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by Mr.Freeze »

I would collect more of those bike licence plates but some people want too much for them , like 100-150$ :/
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Re: collecting Batman 1966 merchandise

Post by Therin of Andor »

There's also something quirky about unlicensed stuff. I love this handpainted wooden Dynamic Duo found in a Merimbula souvenir shop in Australia. Batman's mask and Robin's hair are built up with a textured medium. The bendy legs are made of stiffened sash cord.

Wooden Batman and Robin by Ian McLean, on Flickr

and these painted dolly pegs! By local artist, M. Bouw, bought from All Star Comics, Melbourne, Australia:

Bat pegs by Ian McLean, on Flickr
"Holy nostalgia, Batman!"
Therin of Andor

(aka Ian McLean, from Sydney, Australia)
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