Batman Returns / Batman Begins Similarities

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Batman Returns / Batman Begins Similarities

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I just rewatched Batman Returns - hey, it’s a Christmas movie!...kind of, lol.

Some similarities between Batman Begins and Batman Returns just jumped out at me. The two films are completely different takes on the subject of Batman but I don’t know how I missed these before:

1. Swarms of bats are flying around all throughout both movies.
2. The Red Triangle Gang guy gets yanked out of his train seat the exact same way Falcone gets yanked out of his car.
3. The movie logos and materials for Returns is black (bat symbol) and white (snow), for Begins all logos and posters are dark orange and black. In other words, each movie has its own unique color scheme. It seems they all do, actually.
4. And!...the most obvious - Batman flying over crowds with a bat wingspan, complete with little hooks at the leading edge of the wings in both movies!

Also - Penguin flies up with his umbrella copter in Returns exactly they way he does in the 1969 Filmation cartoons.

It seems the movie makers actually do some research on what came before sometimes.

Anybody else ever notice that stuff?
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