Williams studio featured on 13th dimension

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Re: Williams studio featured on 13th dimension

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AndyFish wrote: Mon Feb 06, 2023 11:34 am The Ideal BATMAN Mask is probably second only to my Captain Action Batman in terms of things I will never sell. Never say never you say? NEVER. I was a few years out from being able to buy one of these-- never saw one until I was 14 at a flea market buying old comic books-- guy had one behind the table and I had no idea what it was. He showed it to me and I asked if it was for sale.

"yeah, gimme a buck for it."

It was dead mint condition too- I got the dollar out so fast I'm sure he figured he underpriced it, but this was probably 1980 so at that time it wasn't that old.

Love the thing to death. If I had to buy another one I'd gladly pay $500 if it was mint and have no regrets at all.
I'm with you. I think Anthony Durso makes a replica box for it. I remember seeing it as a kid ( first run Batman kid here) along with the other Batmania items and thought "Wow that's cool". What was it then, about $4.99.


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