Adam West Day Theme Songs

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Adam West Day Theme Songs

Post by MINTEER » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:52 pm

Theme song for Walla Walla's very first Adam West Day (Sept 19, 2017): Batman (a newish version),

Theme song for Walla Walla's second Adam West Day (Sept 19, 2018): Adam West Blues,

There is a backstory to these songs:

Batman and Adam West Blues – The Rest of the Story

Adam West Day

The very first Adam West Day celebration in Walla Walla (September 19, 2017), spearheaded by Jonathan Grant of the Marcus Whitman Hotel, included members of Adam West’s family to officially cut the ribbon for the Grand Opening Ceremony and accept keys to the City, interactive meetings with Ruben Procopio (famous artist, animator, sculptor), a street renaming, and appearances by iconic Clint Young, a.k.a. Batman, and his Batmobile throughout the city.

The event was golden with a special showing of the “Starring Adam West” movie, lighting of an immense bat signal on the historic Marcus Whitman Hotel, and performance of a decidedly newish Batman song written by Daniel Minteer and performed live with admired singer/songwriter Debra Arlyn.

Holy Moldy Song Batman!

The Batman song that was performed during that very first Adam West Day in Walla Walla was actually written in 1978 by Daniel Minteer as a tribute to the original Batman TV series, starring Adam West. It was then put on a shelf for thirty-nine years! Apparently after the proper aging time, it was recorded in Walla Walla and unveiled as part of an eclectic rock album in 2017 (Calling All Aliens, by MINTEER) which was ironically released just months prior to Adam West’s death.

Walla Walla music artist Daniel Minteer commented, “He’s another great hero gone missing. Adam West and Batman left a memorable mark on so many in so many ways. Having grown up watching the 1960s Batman TV series and with all the musical influences from that era, it seemed only fitting given my love of music that I would later write my own rock and roll version of Batman in 1978 just after graduating from high school. Back then I remember telling people, ‘If they ever come out with another Batman movie, I have just the song, ha ha!’ “

Slim Chance

“Our band High Voltage used to perform Batman back in the day,” Minteer recalled, “and I vividly remember our bass player adding some crazy laughs in the verses. Though it was a favorite tune to play, I never recorded it until last year for inclusion on the Calling All Aliens album. I tried to stay true to my original rock anthem, and the laughs!”

Minteer continued, “It was uncanny coincidence and timing that I would end up living in Adam West’s home town of Walla Walla, record Batman at all after so many years, and then by chance release it as part of a new album just before Adam West died, wow. And now with this grand Adam West Day in Walla Walla, I’m just grateful to be a part of it.”

Singin’ The Blues

After the first Adam West Day, Jonathan Grant asked Daniel if he’d fancy writing a song about Adam West. Adam West Blues was born. This jazzy rock tune features the edgy vocalist talent of Tyra Juliette. Aside from her own spanning musical career starting well before her American Idol performance (Simon Cowell approved!), she has also backed many famous artists including Demi Lovato, Keith Urban, David Paich (TOTO), Jeff Lynne (ELO), Kid Rock, Jon Bon Jovi, and many more. “She really nailed the feel of the song,” exclaimed Minteer. “And I created some bits and bobs as well.” Adam West Blues also features sassy saxophonist Artem Zhulyev from Spain. The recording was produced by MINTEER in Walla Walla. “My wife Deborah was invaluable to its production,” Daniel remarked.

Release Reel

Adam West Blues was released on June 9, 2018, ironically on the first anniversary of Adam West’s death. Says Minteer, “I had just finished the final mixing and wanted to get it released without delay. Not until after I scheduled its release did I realize that it was on the anniversary of Adam West’s death.”

Jonathan Grant, who got a chance to hear several mixes of Adam West Blues during production, responded, “Thank you so much Daniel for honoring our hometown hero and allowing us to use the song as the official song for “ADAM WEST DAY” on September 19th.” Upon hearing the final release Jonathan remarked, “Amazing! Love this! Congratulations Daniel on an incredible heartfelt tribute to ‘The Bright Knight’ himself…Mr. Adam West!”

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Re: Adam West Day Theme Songs

Post by Therin of Andor » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:53 pm

When I think of Adam West, I am swept back to the 1989 movie and the endless debates about who was the best Batman, and should Adam have been in the then-new movie. And thus, my introduction to... Wally Wingert. I still have two copies of the 45rpm.
"Holy nostalgia, Batman!"
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Re: Adam West Day Theme Songs

Post by Dan E Kool » Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:12 am

Wow! Neat! Very nicely done.
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