Hohner Harmonica Ad

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Keith Mayo
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Hohner Harmonica Ad

Post by Keith Mayo »

This was posted by Brian McKernan in a collector's group on FB. First time I've ever seen it. The model sure looks a lot like Burt Ward but I'm pretty sure it's not him. The costume is also incorrect.

"This Hohner harmonica ad appeared in The New York Times Sunday Magazine sometime during 1966".

When I searched the 'net for information I found this in a description of it on Evilbay:
"Isn't that what's-his-name playing a Hohner whatchamacallit?
What a hoot! If you are a Batman fan this you've gotta have!
EXTREMELY RARE, IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND Fifty year old ROBIN advertisement.
READY TO FRAME. Dimensions are 13 9/16 inches by 10 7/16 inches".

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Rare-1 ... AOSwywRZ~z

Upon further searching I found this other ad with both Batman & Robin (3rd photo).
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Re: Hohner Harmonica Ad

Post by chrisbcritter »

"Robin" is Johnny Morley from Freeport High School (I assume Freeport, Long Island due to the proximity of the company's NY offices). I looked for him in the '60s Freeport yearbooks on classmates.com but he didn't turn up.
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Re: Hohner Harmonica Ad

Post by gothosmansion »

That is cool to see. Thanks for sharing. I can't believe that DC didn't sue them.
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Re: Hohner Harmonica Ad


Great vintage ad. eBay is always such a great source for building a '66 Batman (or influenced) media coverage collection.
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Ben Bentley
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Re: Hohner Harmonica Ad

Post by Ben Bentley »

That's an awesome find! Great likeness to Burt, too.
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