TO THE BATPOLES #114: Putting "Clean Sweep" under the microscope

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TO THE BATPOLES #114: Putting "Clean Sweep" under the microscope

Post by bat-rss » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:10 am

"The Penguin's Clean Sweep" has more logical inconsistencies and oversights than you might realize at first glance. Our childhood friend Kyle joins us once again to put this episode under the microscope!

Also, from the archives, another Batman Radio Show we recorded as kids! ... microscope

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Re: TO THE BATPOLES #114: Putting "Clean Sweep" under the microscope

Post by High C » Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:52 am

For whatever reasons, this Batman ep never floated my boat. I mean, it's not terrible, it's just kinda meh, IMO. But your show was good as always.

You guys mentioned all the way back in Gorshin's finale how the season 3 ethos seemed to be to make the Duo, especially Robin, look dumber to make BG look smarter, and that continues apace here. I also have to fault Oscar Rudolph's direction. Robin's line about how 'if Penguin didn't take anything out' of the mint followed by the long pause before Batgirl finishes the line is more awkward than it should've been, and that's on the director.

Kyle again had some good points, especially his observation about Beradino not speaking that much in his role, and also what exactly was Penguin's plan? Tim and Paul were right--the equipment and henchperson names suggest they expect people to discard the $$$, but then why did he feel the need to dump the serum?

Oh, and this is a nitpick, but it bugs me how shows/movies always say 'mint' when paper money is the quarry. Mints make coins, period.

Speaking of Beradino, once someone of his caliber has ANY lines, that usually wouldn't affect his pay. It's my understanding the pay had more to do with how many days he/she was on set.

As for Paul's observation about Burt's crosseyed look, it was reminiscent of the African death bee scene in Londinium. African death bee = Lygerian fruit fly I guess.

I also had the MNF electronic game!

Petaluma was the site of the world arm-wrestling championship.

As for The Batman Radio Show, was Steve Martin singing 'King Tut' the Young brothers' answer to Lesley Gore performing 'California Nights' and 'Maybe Now'? :P
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Re: TO THE BATPOLES #114: Putting "Clean Sweep" under the microscope

Post by BATWINGED HORNET » Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:31 pm

Amazing how you guys can make interesting shows from season three episodes that would not make the cut of a Bazooka Joe comic strip. Listening to your show, my mind drifted back to "Fine Feathered Finks," and how that was the way the Penguin should be written...only for the reminiscing to hit a brick wall in the form of the character's final episode.

At least Meredith was able to leave the role with his dignity in place. Others were not so fortunate...

...I'm looking at you, Caesar Romero!

Moving on to Robin made to look stupid next to Batgirl...

Come on. Robin--a world class detective, and presumably, he helped build many of the computers and devices in the Batcave (which suggests he had an understanding of how they needed to function) cannot recognize bacteria? Whatever. Making Robin a dunce all to prop up Batgirl (well, when she was not talking about women's intuition and reading tea leaves) was yet another reason season three is barely worth revisiting.
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