Barris Kustomotive shop goes up for sale

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Ben Bentley
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Barris Kustomotive shop goes up for sale

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A sad day for custom car culture and Bat-Fan's alike..

The famous Barris Kustom Industries shop on Riverside Drive in North Hollywood is up for sale. The birthplace of the Batmobile has been a Bat-Pilgrimage for many of us here over the years.

You read all about the end of this era over on the LA Times: ... s-for-sale

Here's to the incredible work that took place under that roof and the fantastic memories that a lot of us have had there over the years!

If you had chance to visit, this would be a great place to share some photos and stories.

Here's a photo of me that Scott took at Barris Kustom Industries with the #1 Bat, aged 19, during my first trip to California and one of the best summer's of my life.
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Re: Barris Kustomotive shop goes up for sale

Post by AndyFish »

Not surprising but very sad. Great photo Ben, and a great memory.
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