Cesar Romero's "Mis Secretarias Privadas" on YT

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Cesar Romero's "Mis Secretarias Privadas" on YT

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I've been wanting to see this film for a long time, and someone finally posted it on YouTube yesterday. Surprisingly, Cesar Romero made only three Spanish-language films in his career: the 3-D El corazón y la espada (Sword of Granada)from 1953 as mentioned on this forum; Mis Secretarias Privadas from 1959; and El valle de las espadas (The Castilian) from 1963. Of the three, only Mis Secretarias Privadas uses his actual voice speaking Spanish and he sounds very good! It's your typical late Fifties office sex comedy like Rock and Doris used to churn out, and Cesar gives a very good comic performance (and yes, the ladies are lovely as well). Have a look:

The YouTube English subtitles are wonky but will at least give you some idea of what's going on if you don't speak Spanish.
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