For Fans of GI Joe Adventure Team...

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For Fans of GI Joe Adventure Team...

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The spirit of the 1970s Adventure Team toys lives on in my D.C. JONES AND ADVENTURE COMMAND INTERNATIONAL books!

The ALL-NEW Book Two is available NOW! Please leave a review if you take the plunge into danger with the Command!
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BOOK ONE: It’s 1973 and every kid in America wants to roar into action with D.C. Jones and his Adventure Command Intl., the world-famous band of explorers and troubleshooters who make danger their business across the globe! Each member of the team is the best at what they do—on land, at sea, and in the air—but their missions frequently confront them with challenges even they can’t always see coming!

Ride with Adventure Command as they plunge headlong into three thrilling tales complete in this volume: A baffling mystery beneath the ocean that promises to rewrite history, a deadly duel with mercenaries on a tropical island, and a quest to recover an ancient artifact at the Rock of Gibraltar!

D.C. JONES AND ADVENTURE COMMAND INTL. will excite and entertain fans of all the great action toys of the 1970s, pulp fiction aficionados, and anyone who simply loves a good story!

BOOK TWO: It’s 1974, and Adventure Command International is still on the job in hotspots—and cold!—at the four corners of the wide world! After a harrowing year, Adventure Command’s members have taken their knocks and licked their wounds, and now stand ready to plunge into a new set of three amazing adventures designed to thrill boys and girls of all ages!

Rev up the Mobile Command Vehicle and set up the Flying Recon! Give them both the gas for tales of action and suspense with the team in the frozen Arctic, along Florida’s space coast, and up the sides of one of Japan’s most active volcanos!

D.C. JONES AND ADVENTURE COMMAND 2 features all the characters, equipment, danger, and mystery you loved as a kid—and still crave as an adult!

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