My Adam West Impression

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My Adam West Impression

Post by weirdkorey »

Hey guys so i've been a member here for over 10 years now. I haven't been posting anything in a while but rest assured I still visit frequently.
In the past year I have embraced my lifelong passion of voice acting. I have been doing voices privately and for friends and family for going on 20 years but now I'm attempting to do it professionally. I have made many videos on my social media and all over the internet featuring many of the voices I can do. I just posted my newest voice today and it is Adam West.
I just wanted to share it with everyone here because I know you guys will all appreciate it the very most.

Here is a link to the video:

If you feel so inclined to follow me on social media and support my work then please visit this link and follow me on all platforms!

This will be the only post I will make about my voice acting as I want to be respectful of the rules and have no desire to spam the board that I so love and have spent over a decade enjoying being a part of.
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Re: My Adam West Impression

Post by BiffPow »

Your Shaggy snd Scooby and Looney Tunes voices are spot on! Not familiar with Ren and Stimpy, but guessing that they are too. Fun stuff.
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