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Before you can post an image on the message board, the image must reside on a server somewhere on the Internet, also known as being "hosted."

Some people have personal web space that they can use to host the image, such as AOL users. Others prefer to use an image hosting service such as ImageShack or PhotoBucket. You can find many image hosting services by visiting Free Image Hosting.

Once you have hosted your image(s) you can proceed with this tutorial.

1. To begin, you can either start a new topic on the board by pressing the "start new topic" button, or if you are replying to a post you can press the "reply" button.
The "start new topic" button

The "reply" button

2. If you are starting a new topic you will need to supply a subject title for your topic (A). If you are replying to a post the subject will automatically be added. To attach an image to your post you must press the "add image" button (B).

3. After pressing the "add image" button, some code will appear in the message field.

4. Place your images URL (Internet address where the image is hosted) between the [img] and [/img] tags. In my example I have used ImageShack for the hosting. If you use ImageShack, be sure to use the "direct link" URL option they supply.

5. At this point, you can add some text to your posting if you wish, either before your image or after, as I have done here.

6. To make sure you have everything correct, press the "preview" button below your message.

7. If your message comes up with your image (and text) displayed properly, press the "post" button near the bottom of the window. If not, you can edit it in the message area found below the preview.

If you've done everything correctly, your final post should look similiar to this.
Congratulations! You've posted an image on the board!

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