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Merchandise Section
Policies, Rules and General Guidelines

By entering and participating you are agreeing to comply with the following:
  • Unless you are licensed vendor of DC, Fox, or Warner Brothers products, you cannot list any pricing or ordering information in a public post on the board. If you ARE a licensed vendor of one or more of these entities, you must first contact the administrators before making such posts. If the item is licensed and readily available in stores (like a HotWheels Batmobile at TRU), then general pricing info is okay (Target has this on sale for ...) If you're not sure, then ask a mod first.
  • All links to Batman related eBay listings are fine to share on the board (but not pricing) as long as they are in keeping with our family friendly guidelines (i.e.: no adult film.)
  • The 1966 Batman Batfan Message Board and its moderators take no responsibility for any private transactions that happen between members. This includes, but is not limited to warranties, turn-around times, money matters, quality or any other customer service matters. If you decide to do business with any member or non member, you do so privately and at your own risk. Just like a newspaper places a classifieds section, they do not get involved in any of the business transactions as the result of those ads. If you have a problem with a vendor, the moderators are not here to intervene as a go between or disciplinarian in regards to your business transaction.
  • No business transactions are to be posted on the board. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Placing an order in the form of a post: “Hey BattyBatOhio, I’ll take two”
    • Setting up a business arrangement in the form of a post: “I can get your cowl out to you in three weeks, Robinoto.” “Fan-kid, send it to me via Paypal.”
    • Inquiring about the progress of any transactions, “Yo Pengybreath, how far along are you with my Atomic Pile Reactor?”
    • Even basic posts about your order that include: "I sent you a PM", "I ordered, mine!", "I just got my shipping confirmation. Thanks!"
    All of these types of communications can be handled via private messaging (PM) or e-mail. Unsolicited blanket PM's for the use of advertising or propaganda to multiple people will be considered spamming and will be in violation of the board’s anti-spamming policy.
  • The Merchandise section or any other section of the board is not a place for Customer Complaints or Negative Feedback of any sort. There are two sides to every story but this board will not be the stage or court for any of these types of discussions and debates. These often lead to heated arguments, "flaming", bashing, lynching and even false testimonies. Past history in this area has proven this to be too volatile to permit at all. If you feel it is your civic duty to warn somebody about a vendor that you had a bad experience with and you sense that a member is about to make a grave mistake in doing business with that vendor, send them a private message (PM) or e-mail. As stated before, unsolicited blanket PM's for the use of advertising or propaganda to multiple people will be considered spamming and will be in violation of the board’s anti-spamming policy.
  • It is okay to make observations and critiques about crafted items, merchandise, costumes and other Bat-related items as long as it is done respectfully and not in violation of our “no customer complaints” policy. In other words, it is okay to point out the details or possible flaws of an item but not okay to talk about the business practices, turn around times or state things like, “This thing was a complete rip off”, "These people are taking forever" or "Do not buy from this vendor." It is okay to praise in public but better suited to punish in private. So if you just got a working Bat-tracking device from JokingAl and you would love to share your enthusiasm, go for it. If you think the Bat-tracking device should have had a fifty mile range rather than a five foot range, go ahead and say so in a respectful way. If you think JokingAl is a crook for selling such a short range tracking device, don't make it public. If there is anything negative said at all, always keep the comments about the item/product and never about the vendor/ person. We don't want to want it to seem or become personal.
  • As with any other section of the board - No flaming allowed.
  • The blatant advertising of pirated copies of the Batman television series is forbidden whether or not they are for sale, trade, barter or download. Furthermore, information related to gaining access to said unlicensed and pirated material is forbidden on the board. Referencing specific bootleg vendors, websites dealing in bootlegs and torrent sites will be deleted.

    It is the Administration’s intention and responsibility to maintain a positive environment and keep the peace on the board. This may be at the expense of what some may consider “free speech”, “the real world” or “a public forum” but this the only way we will be able to continue to have a Merchandise resource on this board. This is not up for a vote or debate. This site and board is privately owned and it's practices and policies are at the sole discretion of the Administration and its Moderators and are subject to change at any time. Refer back to the FAQ in regards to “Law of the Land.” Violators of these policies, rules and general guidelines will be dealt with by the moderators as they see necessary. Be respectful, positive, understanding, play nice and most of all keep it fun.